Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tis Amy here, reporting from her dining room :D
REALLY short blog tonight because I should really be in bed by now, SHHH

Anyway, I just wanted to show my very small amount of followers the badges that Cassie and I got from Queensland. By the way, the top left badge says "remember to daydream", sorry about the bad quality, it was taken from an iPhone camera. Now random fact, I don't actually use an iPhone anymore, it was extremely annoying and had all these glitches and stuff so i switched back to my lovely Nokia E71, but anyway, I like to use the iPhone camera because it takes the shortest amount of time to upload. So that was a boring random quick fact, I see no reason why you should know that but oh well. This is something that I really wanted to show you guys, it is the CUTEST hot water bottle ever, but I'm sure there are others that are just as cute. It is from Susan and they were stocking a bunch of stuff around Mothers' Day. Is it just me or does the bird on this have the tiniest resemblance towards the Twitter bird? Just a little bit? I don't use Twitter by the way. I did, but not anymore, I found it a waste of time. It's pretty good for following celebrities but no point if you can't be bothered to do that or just don't really care.
Wow, I have been surprisingly doing a lot of blogging about cute stuff. I guess I just haven't had a chance yet for music and fashion. I will soon, when my other friend comes over we might do some more fashion and music. And also, if you're interested, my All-American Rejects Fan-fiction, Time Stands Still chapter 11 is up, just scroll down or if you have middle-finger-itis (no offense if you do), or your mouse doesn't have the scroll thingy or you just can't be bothered, then click it in the toolbar on the right hand side. Please read and comment, ta. :D

And lol, it didn't turn out to be that short after all, see ya. (:

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