Monday, June 14, 2010

AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 13

Sorry about my last blog, it failed and so everything is in HUGE font, sorry, I tried fixing it but it wasn't working. Damn. Anyway, had a fun filled day today but now I'm exhausted. My friend Katelyn came over and we partied. LOL JKS. We're too lame and nerdy to party, well really, that's just me, she's AWESOME. So yeah, we just figured out what we are packing for our holiday and shizz like that, but we did play TWISTER!! Haven't played that in a while. It was so much fun and it was hilarious. Anyway, enough of my blabbing, here is number THIRTEEN.

(Gosh, I wish I knew, hehe)
So let's look back at the last episode,
Everyone was back in Melbourne and people were moving on. Turns out Erin and Alistair and Danielle and Tyson were both having picnics at the same park, but Alistair and Danielle were late. Tyson and Erin who bumped into each other and tried to put all their feelings behind and search for two maybe lost people. But turns out, Alistair and Danielle were making out and cheating on them both. Dun dun dun. And that's what you missed on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator (You get the gist?)

"OH MY GOD! HOW COULD YOU?" Tyson and Erin both yelled at Danielle and Alistair.
"I'm sorry." Danielle replied, smiling.
"We just couldn't keep our hands off each other." Alistair added in.
"SCREW YOU ALISTAIR! You know what? I'm actually starting to become happy about your new make out partner, because watching grass grow is more interesting than you and you are a horrible kisser!" Erin said.
"Hmm." Danielle replied, nodding.
"Hey!" Alistair said, angrily.
"Sorry babe, you know I love you." And the two of them went back to making out.
"You are a horrible person Danielle. I don't even know why I went back to you! You are just a terrible and manipulative person, and so are you Alistair. I hope you two are happy!" Tyson yelled but the couple didn't even stop to look. Erin and Tyson were disgusted and stormed away.

This was the last straw for Tyson, he was sick of Danielle and her tricks, and even if he saw her again, all he would feel was hate. Tyson wanted to patch things up with Erin but he wasn't sure if she was ready to forgive her yet. He tried convincing her but she was tougher than he thought.

"Tyson, I know and I accept that it was a summer fling, but couldn't you just at least make it last the full possible length instead of leaving me stranded! It's gonna take more than a few words to win me back, especially for just a week." Erin explained.
"I'm sorry Erin, what do you expect me to do?" Tyson asked.
"You are going to have to figure it out yourself." And with that she walked away.

The next day, while everyone was at a party, Danielle strutted up to Tyson and Erin watched fearfully from hearing distance.
"Hey babe. Let's have some fun of our own on the deserted beach. Let's go." Danielle suggested. She leaned in for a kiss but Tyson pushed her away.
"No way Danielle Straunders." Tyson replied.
"Hey! You know I hate my surname. Some one as pretty as me should have a surname that does her justice."
"Exactly why I just said that, Danielle Straunders." Tyson added, snickering.
"Come on sugar, let's just put everything behind us and go back to the way we use to be, just like the old times."
"No thanks, I'm with Erin now."
"Forget about her, she's too ugly for you anyway. And you deserve better."
"Exactly." Tears were flooding Erin's eyes as she heard this. "I deserve better than a lying, cheating and manipulative girl called Danielle Straunders, and Erin is better." Tyson walked over to Erin and gave her a big passionate kiss. Her heart fluttered and she was beaming. Danielle grabbed Alistair's arm and stormed out of the party. This was the last we would see of them.

"Oh god Tyson, you're are incredible. See, you did know exactly what to do." Erin said, smiling.
"Actually, I didn't. I just did what I thought was right and what my heart told me, and that was to forget Danielle and appreciate all the time I have with you."
"Wow. You are amazing you know that?"
"Thanks, that means a lot, especially from you. But in the end, you are the amazing one. Absolutely amazing."

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