Thursday, June 17, 2010

AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 15

Anyone watch Masterchef Aus? Poor Matthew was eliminated! *Crying* Well I actually was, literally. I love him so much! He is an awesome and epic cook, time to use the super adjective, he's an AWPIC cook and UBER cute! :( Sad sad sad. But happily, he is now taking work experience from Neil Perry, WOOT. He must've loved Matt's wonderful chocolate cake. Looked YUM!! Anyway, this is the last epi for the fan fiction Time Stands Still For Us. I guess episode 14 really was the second last epi. *Tear*. I'm sorry if you are disappointed by how this ends. But watch out, because in two weeks, I will have a surprise for you. So yeah. I won't be posting for the next two weeks because I'm going on a holiday with my friends and school. Gonna have SOOOOO much fun!! I'm SOOOOO excited! :D And that was a long intro but this episode might be short, so now, welcoming the last episode, number FIFTEEN!!

(for now (;)
Now let's recap,
In the last episode, Tom arrived at Ebony's doorstep telling her he still loves her but she said that she really loves Nick, and trust me, she does. BUT, she did admit that she MIGHT love him ONE day. But I don't know. So, Tom leaves and Ebony sets out on her last date ever with Nick. *Sad face*. They both have the most amazing night together and they tell each other that, no matter who they end up being with, from the bottom of their hearts, they will ALWAYS love each other. And magically, at the end, there is a shooting star. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator

It is now the last day, and sadly Nick and Tyson must return to America. Ebony drove Nick, Tyson and Erin all to the airport. In the car everyone was singing the new songs that Ebony, Nick and Tyson recorded. The car was filled with glee and everyone was jolly. But that would soon be wiped out at the international gate.

"This was amazing." Tyson said to Erin while in their own intimate moment.
"Yes it was. This was the best summer fling I have ever had." Erin replied.
"I like how we didn't make it permanent. A summer fling is exactly what I wanted. I had the best times with you."
"And even if there were a couple of bumps in the way, we still managed to have a fantastic time. I couldn't have wished for a better summer."
"Yeah me too, you gave me an amazing Australian experience."
"Thanks, I wish you didn't have to go, it feels like three weeks has flown by."
"I know. But I guess it's time. I just feel sorry for Nick and Eb, they got really really really close. He's even more than in love with her."
"And she's more than in love with him too. They are a terrific couple. It sucks their relationship has to end."
"Yes it does. You are the best."
"You too."
"Good bye Tyson."
"Good bye Erin."

While at the same time. It was the hardest good-bye Nick and Ebony will ever have to do. Let's have a look.

"I can't believe this time has finally come." Nick said.
"I know. It felt like the speed of light." Ebony replied.
"But I swear, time stopped for us last night. It felt like the most amazing night and time just wanted to stop to give us more time."
"Wow, I swear I felt the same way. Time didn't stop because it was slow, time stopped because we had the most amazing time together."
"You know what, time stands still for us."
"Yes it does, but I'd like to clarify things. Are we broken up after this." A tear fell from both their faces.
"I guess it is. We can't remain exclusive forever and just not see each other again."
"I guess you're right. No matter how much it hurts."
"Yes, it hurts really bad."
"I had the most amazing time with you and I have never felt this way about anyone before and I don't think I ever will."
"Same. Words just can't explain how much I love you. I will never ever forget you."
"Me too. Will I ever see you again?"
"Probably not." And with that they both burst into tears. They embraced for a passionate kiss, for the very last time.
"I love you Nick."
"I love you too Ebony."
"Good-bye." They both said, with tears filling their eyes and Nick and Tyson turned and walked through the international gate, with Nick giving one last glance at Ebony.

Ebony just stared at the gate, crying. She wouldn't move. She already missed Nick, but there was nothing she could do. Erin pulled her away from the gate and walked with her slowly back to the car. Erin drove all the way home, and they both kept singing to the same music as on the way there. Ebony extremely missed Nick but in the end, she had the most amazing time with him and nothing could ever change how she felt for him.

Once they were both home, Ebony heard a ring from her phone, and on the screen was the name 'Tom'.

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