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AAR; Time Stands Still For Us - N.W & E.T: Chapter 10

Dear readers,

I know I havent really been typing much and im dearly sorry. I havent been very creative for the past month. I have had plenty of time because Ive been on holidays but I went to America. I was back a couple of weeks ago but I have a big bunch of holiday homework to do and I'm still not finished. Then next chapters might not be that good because im a little unsure of how to type it, but it is my first fanfiction, so im trying my best.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who is reading my fanfiction. I'm just going to put the fanfiction here too. Everytime I'll put a little blog before the chapter, therefore, everytime I blog the new chapter will be up to. I'm trying to type more now. :D




Nick's POV
Hmm... Who is this Tom dude and why is he so jealous about Eb and I? Should I be worried about him? He seems pretty close to Eb, I guess I dont want to ruin the friendship. I guess she might run back to him when I go home. How am I going to tell her that I'm leaving in two weeks. And I'm pretty busy the last week with gigs and stuff. Maybe I could get her tickets and then we could hang out after, that seems okay. You know, I should really tell Tyson about Eb's song. Maybe we could make some kind of duet or let her play in our gig too. That would be epic.
knock knock
I wonder who that is? I dont really know anyone here.
I peered through the peep hole and saw the stunning Ebony, standing there in a cute summer dress.
"Hey babe. Come in. How are you?" I asked.
"I'm pretty good, thanks. You?" She replied.
"You free now?"
"Yes, of course. I'm always free for you." :D
"Aww, thanks. You wanna go for a walk? By the beach?"

We had walked for a while and we talked the whole way. Everytime Im with her I feel right. Like everything fits. I feel this chemistry between us. Sparks. You know what, I love her. Im in love with her. I know I've only known her for a week but I feel like everything's perfect. I can't believe I have to leave soon. I dont know how I could stand even a day away from her, because whenever I am, I just miss her. I constantly miss her. She makes me feel like I'm floating on clouds, with her. I need to tell her how I feel, and I hope she feels the same. Because time goes by quickly, and I cant miss a second when Im with Ebony. We had reached the pier and we walked to the edge and sat down.
"You know what Eb?" I said.
"What?" She replied.
"I need to tell you something."
"Really? Is it bad?"
"No. No. Its good, if you're in the same place too."
"Well, Eb, there isnt a different way to say this but... I love you."
"Oh my gosh. You know what? I love you too. More than you could imagine."
"That's not possible. When I'm with you I feel like I'm floating in the clouds, with you."
"I think it just fits. With you, it feels perfect."
"You know what, I really believe that you're the love of my life. That you're the one I'm destined to be with."
"Same. Like you're my soul mate. I want you always by my side."
"This is too hard. I cant believe that I have to leave in two weeks."
"What? Two weeks?"
"That's too short. Stay, please."
"I cant, my visa will expire."
"Aww. I'm really gonna miss you."
"Me too. And to make it worse, the last week is mainly filled with gigs and stuff."
"But I could get you some tickets. And if I speak to Tyson, I might be able to get you a spot in our gig."
"Really? You'd do that for me?"
"Of course, I wouldnt say that if I didnt love you and if I didnt think you were truly talented."
"Thanks. Really, I mean it. By the way, what about next week? Are you busy then?"
"Thankfully, I've got nothing on."
"You know what, you havent been to the gold coast yet. I think you should really visit our theme parks. They'd kick Disneyland's ass." ;D
"Oh, that would be awesome."
"Also, my friend owns a pretty busy coffee shop there and they're in need of bands so, you'd be welcome to play. We could invite Tyson and Erin along too."
"Oh yes, that would be the best."
"Haha, I know."
"Thanks, you really are the best. I truly love you."
"And I'm in love with you too."

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