Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us - N.W & E.T: Chapter 11

Ebony's POV
Wow, that was amazing. Tyson, Erin, Nick and I have all all just come back from the Gold Coast, Queensland and I had performed for a crowd for the first time. It may have been small but it was an amazing feeling. I have never done anything more fulfilling in my life before. It was just like I was floating on air. I am so thankful to Tyson and Nick for letting me play with them, it was unbelievable. I could see the smiling faces of Tyson, Nick and Erin after the gig, it was fantastic. It was fantastic, until surprise surprise, Danielle came to visit Tyson. And this was how it went down.

Erin ran to the bathroom crying when she had seen her kiss him. But the truth was, she more like forced him on her. She was strong, and Tyson was caught by surprise. He couldn't do anything. He pushed away but it was too late, Erin had already seen enough. It was horrible, I ran after Erin, she was crying and screaming on the floor. She was such a mess, mascara was everywhere and she was throwing her stuff on the floor. I couldn't do anything but hold her and tell her "breathe, breathe". I didn't catch much of the rest of the action but Nick told me everything. Tyson was at Danielle's mercy, all his feelings came rushing back. Erin couldnt do anything, Tyson just missed the way everything was with Danielle so he just wanted it all to be the same. It was horrible, once Erin and I came back, Danielle was in Tyson's arms. Erin couldnt take it anymore and she screamed at him.

"HOW DARE YOU? I thought she was nothing to you! I thought everything about her was forgotten!! I'm sick of this!! Have you been lying this whole time!!"
Tyson just said, "I'm sorry."

I have no idea if he really meant it or not but Erin, who was furious, stormed off. I couldnt do anything but go after her, leaving Nick and my beloved guitar behind. I gave a sympathetic look to Nick and ran after Erin.

Later that afternoon, we had all gone to the waterpark. Erin was looking extremely sad but I used every ounce of my energy to cheer her up and it was starting to work. She was going to third-wheel it out with Nick and I, and we both didnt mind it at all. Nick had returned my guitar to me and we made up for earlier in the day. Erin was actually starting to be really happy and I thought she would be fine without Tyson now, it would be good for her. Nick told me that Tyson "was never a player, but he missed Dani." I decided not to tell her, Erin was stunning and she believed it, she always refused to be the rebound. Just as we were coming out of a ride, guess who we saw, Alistair. Erin, who was still heartbroken and trying to forget Tyson, decided to go back to Alistair, and she swore to herself, she would make this relationship fun. Nick and I were quite confused, I gave her quite a lot of advice:

"Don't go back to Alistair, if he was broing before, he will still be, and you don't want to go out with someone who is not fun and also cheats on you. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Come on. don't use him as your rebound."
She replied, "HEY! I cheated on him."
"No, you didnt because you already knew he cheated on you, and, girls change, guys never do."
"But I deserve to go back to Alistair, Tyson did the same."
"You dont want to do this, what if he cheats on you again?"
"I dont care, I'm just sick of Tyson and Danielle. I'm going back to Alistair and thats that!"

And she stormed away, leaving alone to confide in Nick. Now I thought it was all a lost cause. I'll just have to help Erin when she is hurt, and let things go with the flow.

The aeroplane ride back was awful, Nick and I were stuck in the middle of the whole mess between Tyson and Erin. I could tell Erin was hurt, but Tyson was also sorry. Tyson kept trying to reassure her, but she just kept ignoring him and turned to Alistair. Surprisingly, Danielle and Alistair seemed kind of content with the situation. How strange?

Now, back in Melbourne, Nick and I couldnt deal with any of it anymore. I didnt want that cheat Alistair coming into our house, and I didnt want to see that manipulative Danielle, so we fleed to a countryside town and stayed the weekend. Just us, all alone. It was bliss and it still is. But now I'm dreading going back home and having to face the reality of being stuck in the middle.

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