Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 1

First fanfic ever for me so sorry if I don't follow the correct layout or anything. I've read tons but it's hard for me to write them so bare with me 'till I get the hang of it but by then it still might suck.

P.S. Sorry it's short and thanks to Katie who helped me out. I get confused about the tense and my grammar is a little bad. Oh yeah, and this is set in a shopping centre.

Tyson's POV (Point of view)

Wow, Aussie people are so nice. They are so welcoming and kind; I want to come here every year. Nick seems to be enjoying himself, as he always is. The beaches are great in Sydney but I think he likes the calmness of Melbourne better; so do I. The chicks here are hot, in Melbourne and Sydney.
Nick's POV

Melbourne is cool as! I love this place! I wonder if I will find a good pair of Chuck Taylor's.
"Hey Tyson, let's find a show store, I want a pair of new Chuck Taylor's." I said.
"Yeah, whatever. I think I saw a shop over there." Tyson replied.
I scanned the shop names to see if anything relates to shoes. Suddenly, this beautiful girl lost her footing and I caught her! Her eyes were this beautiful blue that I have never seen before, even bluer than Tyson's. I felt an electricity between us. I stared at her for a moment and then she said softly,
"Wow." but realised what happened and quickly said,
"Hey."Showing me a cute smile. As I returned back to Earth, I made an attempt to be enthusiastic with a,
"Thanks for saving me, sorry I'm so clumsy." She said.
"No worries, I'm Nick by the way, Nick Wheeler."
"Hi Nick, I'm Ebony, Ebony Taylor."
"Wow, what a pretty name."
"Thanks I guess. It means black."
I laughed casually and then I felt a nudge in my left shoulder and realised it was Tyson.
"Oh, sorry. This is my friend, Tyson."
"Hi Tyson." She said sweetly.
"Hey," Tyson replied. "Do you know of a store here that sells Chuck Taylor's?"
"Yep, I love 'em. Do you want me to show you?"
"Yes please," I added in, a bit too enthusiastically. "You can be our tour guide!"
"Sure, why not? I'm not busy today anyway."
Then she smiled at me and I smiled back. I swear I saw fireworks.

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