Friday, December 31, 2010

Ian Axel - This Is The New Year (2010 Version)

Hawaii Five-O

Okay, I'm in trouble. I'm crazed. I'm hyped. I'm obsessed. I'm in love.

Hawaii Five-O, my bloody favourite task force in the universe. I swear, I cannot spend a day without thinking about this show for at least 10 minutes. That's serious. When I'm sick, I actually think about this show and watching it to feel better and take my mind away from the pain. It works dudes.

Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim have entered my heart and my head and created a craze that shall never leave. They have turned into Steve McGarret, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua and created some of my most loved characters whom I wish were my best friends.

Got some free time? I recommend you side reel/cast tv or whatever 'Hawaii Five-O' and hopefully you will take some interest in this show. Maybe not as much as me though, I'm sure it's not healthy.

Thanks, and stay happy chums,
Amy (:


Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little bit about me

I wanna share this with you guys, first of all, as my readers and my friends I would like to tell you a bit more to myself. Now, I don't wear makeup, at all, but I think it's really interesting watching people put it on because I am just soooooooo clueless about it, I mean you could put me in a room with all the makeup in the world and I wouldn't know how to apply anything properly from eyeshadow to foundation to blush. But I am slowly learning, and getting interested in makeup, so yes, I watch makeup gurus. Sorry if this seems unusual to you, but that's me.

Okay, now to the awesome news, one of the makeup gurus I watch, makeoverandout , had a contest recently and I just entered, thinking, 'sure why not?' and then I basically forgot about it until today I checked my email, and I got sent a message on youtube, and turns out I am actually the grand prize winner!! At first I couldn't believe it, I was thinking, 'say what?' but now I think this is super cool! Completely unexpected! And so I won, a $100 MAC gift card!! WOOO!! SOOO COOL!

So yeah that's it, I watch makeup gurus and actually now won an awesome prize from it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Readers ask:

So... What would you like to see more of? Or what have you been liking?

Short stories?
Vids from youtube?
Save the world?

Please please please tell me what you think, seriously, because last time one person gave me feedback. Or if soon this blog will probably turn into a huge bunch of mixed things that relate to my interests, and if you don't like it, well it's too late cuz you didn't tell me (or you could just tell me later and then I'll change it). So please tumblr ask/comment/msn/facebook me.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It's Amy, with an update:

So I'm umm... Going to China tomorrow.

Remember when I said that I will be putting up a short story soon? Well, uh, some stuff has been popping up so I haven't had a chance to write. Hopefully I will try and finish it while I'm abroad, because this time I'm relax travelling, so it's just chilling with shopping and stuff. I would like to keep blogging, but to be honest, while I'm away, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do much, but I would like to finish the story.

And that's it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just HAD to share this with you guys, it's sooooooo funny.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Preshafruit Pink Lady Juice

So today I bought this juice. Doesn't sound that great does it? But, I had some purpose behind this purchase. The teacher of our literature class drinks this juice everyday, he brings it to class and always tells us how great it is. He also gave it as a prize for the best story, and the winner also said it tasted great. So today when I was buying yogurt, I saw it and I thought, "OMG!" So I bought it.

This juice is amazing, it doesnt taste like weird, fake apple juice that you often get, it tastes exactly like the actual fruit. I also checked the ingredients, and it is 99.9% real fruit juice. I usually don't actually like apple juice, but this tastes just like a pink lady apple.

I definitely recommend this juice, there are also many other flavours. So next time you're in the juice section, I recommend you pick one up, cuz they're deeeeelish! (:

Also, obviously (cuz I'm no way near famous enough), the company has not paid me in anyway to do this review, I just think it tastes sooooooo great that I HAD to share it with you guys. Thanks.

Happy Endings Help - Writer's Update

It's Amy, with an update:

So... What happened to Happy Endings?

I don't know if you are wondering, you're probably not but anyway.

About my fanfiction, I have had excessive prolonged All American Rejects writer's block. I don't know why but I have lost faith and interest in the story. So anyway, this writer's block, what do I do about it? No idea. I have tried to continue the story but right now I'm only interested in writing short stories.

So, now to the main point of this post, I really need help about what to do with this story. I need some ideas from you guys because the fanfiction part of my brain has probably been washed out with short stories/burn notice. Please tumblr ask/msn/comment/facebook me any ideas because I just don't know how to keep this story going.

If you don't remember what last happened (don't worry, I forgot too), then you can read Happy Endings chapter 2 in August part in my blog archive to the right of this. -->


P.S. A new short story will hopefully be up in a couple of days.

Sky and stars

My favourite aspect of nature is the sky. I love how it is so endless, I love how I can just get lost in it. I love when it's wild, dark, angry. I don't believe in God, but I believe there are many greater beings that watch over us. The dark clouds are fury, anger, destructiveness but also pain.

The rain are their tears, but after rain comes sunshine, after sadness comes revelation and happiness. The rain is necessary, it creates balance in the emotions and also gives us wonderful water.

When the sky is cloudy, filled with white fluffy clouds, I look up to the sky and it looks like a mountain, a white peak, coming over me, engulfing me. It's scary but also exciting.

Sunset and sunrise, just so beautiful. The sky is filled with an exquisite mixture of colours. Reds, yellows, oranges, golds, pinks and sometimes even purples.

The night time is just as wonderful. The stars that light up the sky but are so far away. To us they look like twinkling lights, but from their point of view, they're hot rumbling balls of gases. My favourite stars are the dim ones. I read somewhere that the brightest stars are dying, why is it that magnificent things always come to such an early end? The ancient Greek heroes, the brightest stars. And so, I love the dim ones, they are content, happy, and have a greater existence. They don't burn so bright, they are not extreme, but they are calm and peaceful, but always there watching over us.

What has always fascinated me is how everyone is seeing everything from a different point of view, we are all in different rooms, in different places doing different things, and I am always wondering what it would be like if for example, I didn't go to rehearsal and I went to class instead? The amazing thing about the sky and the stars is that, us, all of us, when we look up to the sky, are seeing exactly the same thing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Wacky Adventure Musical - short story

First of all, I recommend listening to the audiobook video below the short story while reading because some songs may be unknown to you but the dialogue is also confusing if you only listen to the audiobook, and also I am very very very sorry if my singing is horrible or the song isn't accurate, but it is there so that you know what the songs sound like. And also, it feels incredibly weird reading with my own name. Another thing, originally I was going to also post a commentary/audiobook thingy but the video was too long. So yeah, hope you think it's funny or entertaining and please read the author's notes too. (:

A Wacky Adventure Musical

By Amy
Dedicated to Hannah on her 15th Birthday

Here we go:

”SHH.” Hannah whispered, holding her hand over Amy’s mouth.

“But there are bugs in my hair!” Amy exclaimed, after pulling Hannah’s hand off her face.

“Get over it, they’re just bugs, we have been through worse, just believe in yourself, CUZ BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK, COME ON LET YOUR COLOURS BURST!1

“I know you’re the smart, rational one of us, but I really don’t think this is the time to sing. There are Persian warriors chasing us!”

“But think about it Amy, I WANNA LIVE A LIFE FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE2, we might not even make it in time for Christmas, the best time of the year, here we are trying to save the totem pole of Peru with the Mighty Warriors of the Persian King Darius chasing us, why are the greater beings (equivalent to God) not letting us finish this mission, WILL NEXT YEAR BE DIFFERENT, I’M GONNA WAIT 365 DAYS, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH... WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID, I TAKE IT ALL BACK, COULD YOU FORGIVE THE WAY I AM, IT TOOK TIME BUT NOW IM LONELY ... I’M GONNA WAIT THIS WHOLE YEAR, OOOOOOOHHHHH, TILL NEXT CHRISMAS EVE3, we will never make Christmas. L

“Okay screw it, if that’s the only way to get a message to you. YOU CAN NEVER SAY NEVER WHILE WE DON’T KNOW YET, TIME AND TIME AGAIN4! We’re just getting closer Hannah, we can definitely make it, there’s no point turning back now because there is a 100% death rate and WOAH WE’RE HALFWAY THERE, OHHHHHHH, WE’RE LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER, TAKE MY HAND, WE’LL MAKE IT I SWEAR, WOAH, LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER5!”

With both their spirits now high, not from illicit drugs, but from the healthy drug of song, Hannah and Amy dashed through the tunnels of the Sacred Temple of Monkeys in Sun City, South Africa, with the super tall Peruvian totem pole in their hands, they navigated easily with the continuous help of song.


The pair burst out into a huge crowd of Asian tourists in Sun City, already posing as two best friends from Japan, they fit right in, except they weren’t very good at the language and had already had their cover blown when being interrogated by King Darius’s son, Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal. While they were being interrogated, Amy and Prince Jake fell in love, but it was soon ended when Prince Jake found out that Joseph Gordon Levitt of the Inception crew, was actually pretending to be Prince Jake’s friend, but was really Amy and Hannah’s partner along with Alex Goot. Prince Jake and Amy, still madly in love with each other had to be brought to their senses, so during inception, Prince Jake was sent into limbo and Joseph saved Amy and returned her to reality. Alex and Joseph saved Amy and Hannah from their captors, but were tragically distracted by their instruments (yes, Joseph Gordon Levitt also plays the guitar) while the team passed through America, and so Amy and Hannah were on their own.

Anyway, back to the story. With Amy and Hannah having escaped (Did you see the ablative absolute? ;D), the pair, trying to blend in were talking quite loudly, like the tourists.

“Sou des ne.” Hannah said.

“Si, mi amigo Dora.” Amy replied.

“Dude, that’s not Japanese.”

“Woops, ni hao!”

“That’s Chinese, doofus!”

“Oh wait, I think I’ve got it, sensei sayonara!”

“Yes, finally. I think we’ve lost them.”

“Cool, now I know a place to hide the totem pole.”

Amy and Hannah fled the group to the Sacred Waterfall of Sacredness.

“Okay, we’re going to have to hide the totem pole behind the waterfall, no one will be able to get behind there except for us, the brilliant explorers who taught Spongebob, Blues Clues and Dora.” Amy continued.

“Good idea, but what if we die?”

“It’s okay, Sam Tsui will lead the way, IF I DIE YOUNG, BURY ME IN SATIN, LAY ME DOWN ON A BED OF ROSES, SINK ME IN THE RIVER AT DAWN, SEND ME AWAY WITH THE WORDS OF LOVE SONG, THE SHARP KNIFE OF A SHORT LIFE, WELL, I’VE HAD JUST ENOUGH TIME7. And all heroes and important people live short lives. Heracles, Achilles, Julius Caesar.”

“But they died tragically, and during their time, the average life span was around 30.”

“Well, I’m sure there are better examples. Anyway, in the words of Nike and Adidas, impossible is nothing, just do it.”

Amy and Hannah flew into the waterfall with the wings that Leonardo da Vinci sent to them, via Leonardo DiCaprio who was also in the Inception team. They placed the magnificent totem pole behind the waterfall, and then jumped out into the waters and swam to the river bank. They floated peacefully through the river until they made it to the Sacred Waves Pool.

While checking into Sun City’s Sacred Entertainment hotel with added secrecy for spies, they did some investigating and discovered that all the Persian Warriors never checked into their rooms. Later in the day, they both ‘coincidentally’ bumped into Alex Goot, who declared that he was able to gas all the warriors with some secret help while they were near the end of the tunnel and then dumped their bodies for the hippos and the lions that were in the Secular (opposite of sacred) Animal Pen outside of Sun City. Alex and Hannah hugged happily. Amy, watched smiling, glad that two of her friends were together again although she never really got over Prince Jake, and missed him dearly.

“Where’s Joseph?” Amy asked.

“I’m sorry, but in America, he got caught up and now he is with Ariadne. I’m sorry.” Alex replied, with a sad face.

“That’s alright, they were probably just meant to be and I was just wondering anyway. Truth is, I really miss Prince Jake though, I wish he didn’t have to go to limbo.”

“I’m sorry about that too, but you never know, things could change.”

“Yeah, he could totally get out of limbo.” Amy said sarcastically. “And why would he? There he can see all the children’s faces.”

“Sorry, I never understood the concept of inception, I was just the one who made music and then put it on the team’s ears when it was time to end the dream, I just gave the kick.”

“That’s okay. He wouldn’t come back anyway, not for me, I’m probably not pretty enough for anyone, not even Joseph.”


“Aww, thanks guys, that means a lot.”

“Now let’s go see a show!” Hannah suggested.

“Yeah!” Amy and Alex shouted.

The trio went to see a small show, where they could lay low, just in case Alex and his mysterious friend forgot to gas one guy or something. There were a couple of performers who were all fantastic, but the last performer was a huge surprise.

“And the last performer for tonight, who is performing Grenade, is the Prince of Persia, Mr Jake Gyllenhaal!!” The announcer announced.

“Oh my gosh, how?” Amy said, with her mouth gaping open.

Prince Jake walked onto the stage and started talking first. “Amy, I know what you’re thinking, I can see it in your face, but I will perform first and explain later. I’D CATCH A GRENADE FOR YOU, YEAH YEAH, THROW MY HAND ON A BLADE FOR YOU, YEAH YEAH, I’D JUMP IN FRONT OF A TRAIN FOR YOU, YEAH YEAH, YOU KNOW I’D DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, YEAH YEAH, OHHH, I WOULD GO THROUGH ALL THIS PAIN, TAKE A BULLET STRAIGHT THROUGH MY BRAIN, YES I WOULD DIE FOR YOU BABY, WOULD YOU DO THE SAME? FOOORRRR MEEEE9. Okay Amy, I’m sooooooo sorry, Leonardo DiCaprio saved me from limbo, he brought me back a phase and then killed me so I was brought back to reality. I also helped Alex kill the Persians. I know I am a Persian, but I discovered my father lied to me, Joseph and Alex were really my friends, and they had met me before they found out who I really was, and they never manipulated me or anything, it was all my father’s fault. I love you Amy, and I would really do anything for you, because we are meant to be together (I know it’s corny, haha).”

Amy ran on stage and kissed Prince Jake. “My gosh Prince Jake, I would do anything for you too.”

The group had a fantastic time at Sun City and even made it for Christmas.

The end.

Author’s notes:

-Some of the lyrics of the songs were altered to make sense with the event

-The songs are in capital letters with the exception of the first two lines of the story

-This story was not written with excellent structure and may be quite wacky and not understandable on some occasions.

-Sorry if the spellings of some words in other languages are wrong.

-The names of each song are stated below:

  1. Firework – Katy Perry
  2. New Perspective – Panic! At the Disco
  3. Next Christmas Eve – Alex Goot
  4. Never Say Never – The Fray
  5. Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
  6. Breaking Free – Cast of High School Musical
  7. If I Die Young (Cover) – Sam Tsui
  8. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  9. Grenade – Bruno Mars
Audiobook version (sorry it's a video but is just sound, blogger doesn't allow music uploads)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazing story


Child is best pals with python

The 18ft female snake called Lucky could crush the lad with ease. But the pair have struck up a remarkable friendship since Lucky came out of a forest in Cambodia when he was a baby. Mum Kim Kanara said: “We try to return her to the forest but she refuses to leave.Each time we find her curled up with Sambath again. They’ve slept together every night for six years.”

Sambath said: “I love the python like my sister. She protects me from danger.”

Found on tumblr, also amazing.

Live Moss Carpet

The latest addition to the eco-friendly market is the Live Moss Carpet – a soft grass carpet that thrives from the few drops of water you leave behind when stepping out of the shower or bath.

Designed by La Chanh Nguyen, the base of the moss is made from decay-free foam called plastazote which prevents dangerous mold and other equally-nasty minuscule lifeforms.

There are three types of low maintenance moss – ball moss, island moss, and forest moss – within each foam cell. The humidity within your bathroom and those few water droplets are all that’s needed to keep your little moss garden sprouting all year round.

Found on tumblr, isn't this amazing?

Alex Goot - Next Christmas Eve (Original)


having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind
excellent of its kind
wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.
Words and phrases that rhyme with beautiful: (0 results)

Purple roses

Purple roses are amazing
So different
Yet so beautiful

The way they fold out
So intricate
But so bold
So rare

The purple is wicked
Wicked like the witch
A separate meaning
To intrigue

Purple roses are amazing
So different
Yet so beautiful

Tumblr is amazing

Just then, a follower on tumblr asked me a question, not I am not 'tumblr famous', I only have 148 followers and people have more than 1000, but what this person said made my day. The fact that she cares shows that tumblr is just a frigging amazing community, everyone is there for eachother and everyone helps and supports eachother. I love it. These few words just made my day:

munificent asked:

I hope you're okay darling :-) xxx

Ministry of Magic - This Town (Official Music Video)