Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sky and stars

My favourite aspect of nature is the sky. I love how it is so endless, I love how I can just get lost in it. I love when it's wild, dark, angry. I don't believe in God, but I believe there are many greater beings that watch over us. The dark clouds are fury, anger, destructiveness but also pain.

The rain are their tears, but after rain comes sunshine, after sadness comes revelation and happiness. The rain is necessary, it creates balance in the emotions and also gives us wonderful water.

When the sky is cloudy, filled with white fluffy clouds, I look up to the sky and it looks like a mountain, a white peak, coming over me, engulfing me. It's scary but also exciting.

Sunset and sunrise, just so beautiful. The sky is filled with an exquisite mixture of colours. Reds, yellows, oranges, golds, pinks and sometimes even purples.

The night time is just as wonderful. The stars that light up the sky but are so far away. To us they look like twinkling lights, but from their point of view, they're hot rumbling balls of gases. My favourite stars are the dim ones. I read somewhere that the brightest stars are dying, why is it that magnificent things always come to such an early end? The ancient Greek heroes, the brightest stars. And so, I love the dim ones, they are content, happy, and have a greater existence. They don't burn so bright, they are not extreme, but they are calm and peaceful, but always there watching over us.

What has always fascinated me is how everyone is seeing everything from a different point of view, we are all in different rooms, in different places doing different things, and I am always wondering what it would be like if for example, I didn't go to rehearsal and I went to class instead? The amazing thing about the sky and the stars is that, us, all of us, when we look up to the sky, are seeing exactly the same thing.

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