Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little bit about me

I wanna share this with you guys, first of all, as my readers and my friends I would like to tell you a bit more to myself. Now, I don't wear makeup, at all, but I think it's really interesting watching people put it on because I am just soooooooo clueless about it, I mean you could put me in a room with all the makeup in the world and I wouldn't know how to apply anything properly from eyeshadow to foundation to blush. But I am slowly learning, and getting interested in makeup, so yes, I watch makeup gurus. Sorry if this seems unusual to you, but that's me.

Okay, now to the awesome news, one of the makeup gurus I watch, makeoverandout , had a contest recently and I just entered, thinking, 'sure why not?' and then I basically forgot about it until today I checked my email, and I got sent a message on youtube, and turns out I am actually the grand prize winner!! At first I couldn't believe it, I was thinking, 'say what?' but now I think this is super cool! Completely unexpected! And so I won, a $100 MAC gift card!! WOOO!! SOOO COOL!

So yeah that's it, I watch makeup gurus and actually now won an awesome prize from it!

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smileycookie said...

congratulations amy! :)