Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Preshafruit Pink Lady Juice

So today I bought this juice. Doesn't sound that great does it? But, I had some purpose behind this purchase. The teacher of our literature class drinks this juice everyday, he brings it to class and always tells us how great it is. He also gave it as a prize for the best story, and the winner also said it tasted great. So today when I was buying yogurt, I saw it and I thought, "OMG!" So I bought it.

This juice is amazing, it doesnt taste like weird, fake apple juice that you often get, it tastes exactly like the actual fruit. I also checked the ingredients, and it is 99.9% real fruit juice. I usually don't actually like apple juice, but this tastes just like a pink lady apple.

I definitely recommend this juice, there are also many other flavours. So next time you're in the juice section, I recommend you pick one up, cuz they're deeeeelish! (:

Also, obviously (cuz I'm no way near famous enough), the company has not paid me in anyway to do this review, I just think it tastes sooooooo great that I HAD to share it with you guys. Thanks.

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Matt said...

Hi Amy, I am Sales & Marketing manager for Preshafruit. Thanks for your kind words! Join up to our Facebook page at

Thanks and keep up the great work!