Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Growing Up & Society RANT

First I'd like to warn and introduce you to my new blog, it is the same blog but reincarnated. I'm not deleting any of my old stuff because I'm trying to start this new thing with no regrets, and not some crappy hipster stuff about living it young and going crazy, but taking everything as it is and learning from the mistakes and just move on. I'm not very good at this yet but I'm growing

Also, in this new rebirth of my blog, you will encounter crazy ramblings that don't make sense, no bother of proof reading, and no structure. And me contradicting myself all the time and putting out very hypocritical points because no one is ever who they say they are, and no one can 100% stick to their morals. Oh yeah, and some casual deep philosophical quotes dropped around casually. 

But this is my mind, unspent, never enough, but I'm trying to unleash some of the absurdity here, so I have room for more. (:

I feel that as I grow up, I loose part of my innocence, but I mainly lose my obedience of this fake act that is society. I still see the beauty in things, but I understand more how many lies are let loose in this world (thank-you Camus), and we can't stop them, even I can't. But at least I realise this.

Maybe 5 years ago, or 2 years or even 4 months ago, I was a major player in this society that is a lie, and honestly, everyone is. And because not many people realise this, we are all stubborn and juvenile.

I feel that as I'm growing up, my view of the world broadens, it hasn't necessary become free of innocence, but I have a greater understanding of how everyone works, and I'm eager for my thoughts to run free as I grow older and become more insightful with everything.

I'm not saying that what I'm saying is right, no way, and I'm sure if you don't understand you'd probably take a stab at everything I stand for, but who am I to judge? Who am I to tell you what to do? You can do what you want, but I will deal with it and continue to stand for what I believe in.

How did this turn into a rant? I don't understand my self sometimes, but no matter how absurd my thoughts are, they are still clear as crystal to me.

Another idea I want to touch base on, hipsters.

You will most likely understand what I'm on about if you use tumblr, you know that magical website where everyone posts pictures of things they like, I know it sounds completely boring and pointless, but honestly, I love it. It's so stupid, but it gives us another outlet, and sometimes I do find truly inspiring images, outside of all the hipster crap with skinny girls in exposing clothes and pouts.

Okay, so hipsters are defined as 'cool', and also apparently all the Australian tumblrs are hipster? WRONG!, judgemental people who jump to conclusions (notice that I actually just judged). I often feel that everything that is 'cool' is just fuel to the fire that is this society. Sometimes I wonder, how was it that 6 years ago, music that was 'cool' was pop music and now what's 'cool' is this strange techno noise?

You know what the common denominator is? They both usually have some sort of catchy tune that hypnotises people who don't have the ability to really choose for themselves, no matter how old you are, how much experience in life you have, we are all continuously bombarded with influences which often catch on and they're we're stuck, and we have no idea how.

All these companies that are liars and then create lies to get some cha-ching to help their consumerism lives (thank-you Arthur Miller) but there's nothing that we can do about it. And honestly, I often fall into the trap, yet I have found ways to actually be happy, but not all the time, although all I look for is balance.

P.S. I don't make any sense but deal with it (my silent anger)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thunderstorms - My Musings

I've always been quite scared of thunder and lightning, gosh, I even use to be scared of car washes. But I always just told myself that nothing is going to happen, I'll be fine, it's only nature.

And that's right, it only is nature. Why is it that us, as humans are selfish as to be annoyed or agitated about storms or raining or even bugs, when we're the ones that ruined this world. Maybe we should be a bit more considerate and exist in harmony with all these forms of nature.

Whilst I do still find storms scary and unnerving, I think they are ultimately uplifting, this phenomenon that occurs in nature, the thunder and lightning, it's incredible.

These storms also create balance, they aren't as calm as days of blue skies but are inevitable and necessary on this earth, when it comes to balance, or yin and yang, I don't think of storms as bad, but different and often misjudged.

Storms remind me of everyone's opinions of moths. Why must butterflies get all the glory? Just cuz they're colourful? Compare this analogy to humans? I know how it feels to be judged by appearances, that's why I nonetheless sympathise with a moth, but also feel a connection with them.

I'm sure the moth hasn't analysed this as deeply as I have but anyway.

Thankyou for reading, what are your opinions on storms?