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AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 15

Anyone watch Masterchef Aus? Poor Matthew was eliminated! *Crying* Well I actually was, literally. I love him so much! He is an awesome and epic cook, time to use the super adjective, he's an AWPIC cook and UBER cute! :( Sad sad sad. But happily, he is now taking work experience from Neil Perry, WOOT. He must've loved Matt's wonderful chocolate cake. Looked YUM!! Anyway, this is the last epi for the fan fiction Time Stands Still For Us. I guess episode 14 really was the second last epi. *Tear*. I'm sorry if you are disappointed by how this ends. But watch out, because in two weeks, I will have a surprise for you. So yeah. I won't be posting for the next two weeks because I'm going on a holiday with my friends and school. Gonna have SOOOOO much fun!! I'm SOOOOO excited! :D And that was a long intro but this episode might be short, so now, welcoming the last episode, number FIFTEEN!!

(for now (;)
Now let's recap,
In the last episode, Tom arrived at Ebony's doorstep telling her he still loves her but she said that she really loves Nick, and trust me, she does. BUT, she did admit that she MIGHT love him ONE day. But I don't know. So, Tom leaves and Ebony sets out on her last date ever with Nick. *Sad face*. They both have the most amazing night together and they tell each other that, no matter who they end up being with, from the bottom of their hearts, they will ALWAYS love each other. And magically, at the end, there is a shooting star. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator

It is now the last day, and sadly Nick and Tyson must return to America. Ebony drove Nick, Tyson and Erin all to the airport. In the car everyone was singing the new songs that Ebony, Nick and Tyson recorded. The car was filled with glee and everyone was jolly. But that would soon be wiped out at the international gate.

"This was amazing." Tyson said to Erin while in their own intimate moment.
"Yes it was. This was the best summer fling I have ever had." Erin replied.
"I like how we didn't make it permanent. A summer fling is exactly what I wanted. I had the best times with you."
"And even if there were a couple of bumps in the way, we still managed to have a fantastic time. I couldn't have wished for a better summer."
"Yeah me too, you gave me an amazing Australian experience."
"Thanks, I wish you didn't have to go, it feels like three weeks has flown by."
"I know. But I guess it's time. I just feel sorry for Nick and Eb, they got really really really close. He's even more than in love with her."
"And she's more than in love with him too. They are a terrific couple. It sucks their relationship has to end."
"Yes it does. You are the best."
"You too."
"Good bye Tyson."
"Good bye Erin."

While at the same time. It was the hardest good-bye Nick and Ebony will ever have to do. Let's have a look.

"I can't believe this time has finally come." Nick said.
"I know. It felt like the speed of light." Ebony replied.
"But I swear, time stopped for us last night. It felt like the most amazing night and time just wanted to stop to give us more time."
"Wow, I swear I felt the same way. Time didn't stop because it was slow, time stopped because we had the most amazing time together."
"You know what, time stands still for us."
"Yes it does, but I'd like to clarify things. Are we broken up after this." A tear fell from both their faces.
"I guess it is. We can't remain exclusive forever and just not see each other again."
"I guess you're right. No matter how much it hurts."
"Yes, it hurts really bad."
"I had the most amazing time with you and I have never felt this way about anyone before and I don't think I ever will."
"Same. Words just can't explain how much I love you. I will never ever forget you."
"Me too. Will I ever see you again?"
"Probably not." And with that they both burst into tears. They embraced for a passionate kiss, for the very last time.
"I love you Nick."
"I love you too Ebony."
"Good-bye." They both said, with tears filling their eyes and Nick and Tyson turned and walked through the international gate, with Nick giving one last glance at Ebony.

Ebony just stared at the gate, crying. She wouldn't move. She already missed Nick, but there was nothing she could do. Erin pulled her away from the gate and walked with her slowly back to the car. Erin drove all the way home, and they both kept singing to the same music as on the way there. Ebony extremely missed Nick but in the end, she had the most amazing time with him and nothing could ever change how she felt for him.

Once they were both home, Ebony heard a ring from her phone, and on the screen was the name 'Tom'.

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AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 14

Okay, I'm not sure if this will be a short epi or long epi but my intro will be short, because I only have 15mins to write this, so be prepared, it could possibly be horrible. But sadly, this fan fiction is ending soon and I'm pretty sure this will be my second last epi. *Tear* I wonder what will be install for this group after. Dun dun dun. So yeah, I better hurry up and type FOURTEEN below.

Let's check out what happened in the last epi.
So... Tyson and Erin ran in on Alistair and Danielle hooking up. They were both uber angry and stormed off. Tyson wanted to patch things up with Erin but she needed a bit more than "I'm sorry." He proved her right and finally won her back at a party when Danielle was trying to get back with Tyson, but thankfully, he rejected her, WOOHOO, and defended Erin, causing Erin to forgive him and so they were back together for the last week. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator

Wow, this has been such a roller-coaster ride. But this adventure is nearing to an end as the Nick and Tyson are leaving tomorrow. This is going to be extremely hard for Ebony and Nick. Let's have a look how their last date goes.

Just before the date, someone rings the doorbell of Ebony and Erin's house.
"Hello?" Ebony said, while opening the door. "Oh HEY Tom! How are you?"
"I'm great, thanks for asking." Tom replied.
"Uhh... What are you doing here?"
"Can't your best friend come around and hang out?"
"Sure, but not right now. I was just about to head out on my last date with Nick."
"Oh damn. But I have to tell you something before you go."
"I... I... I...Umm... I still love you, Ebony."
"Oh god. I love you too but not in that way."
"Don't you think you could change one day."
"Maybe, one day. I don't know. But I can't really deal with this right now. I'm sorry Tom. I'll talk to you later." And with that Tom left and Ebony closed the door, feeling really bad. But she had to forget this for now and enjoy the very small time she has left with Nick. The real love of her life.

It was an amazing date, it was just like a fairytale, and it ended exactly like the first one. The two of them sitting on a pier together, watching the sun set in a clear sky. The sky was filled with a beautiful mixture of blue, orange, red and pink. It was an amazing sight.

"I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow. I don't know how my life is going to be without me."
"Mhm, I don't want to go either. But I guess it had to happen sometime, and everything in life isn't like a fairytale, sometime we have to go back to reality."
"But why now? Why not in like a year?"
"I'm sorry Eb, but it's a non-refundable ticket. I wish I could but I'm sorry."
"Will I ever see you again?"
"I don't know. That's what worries me the most. I might never see you again."
"This is horrible, it's going to tear me apart."
"I know, me too. But tomorrow had to come some time."
"But it was just so short, only three weeks."
"I can't believe it too, and I'm sorry Eb. But there is something I want to tell you."
"You are the love of my life. My soul mate, but I guess the Gods made it this way and there is nothing we can do about it."
"Yeah, it sucks. You are mine too. You know, whatever happens, I will love you from the bottom of my heart, no matter who we end up with, I will always love you most."
"Me too. I'm so sorry."
"It's such a tragic ending to a wonderful fairytale."
"I know, but I guess all good things must come to an end."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

And with that last line, the sun set just below the horizon and Nick and Ebony kissed, and a shooting star burst through the sky. They both looked at, made a wish and smiled.

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AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 13

Sorry about my last blog, it failed and so everything is in HUGE font, sorry, I tried fixing it but it wasn't working. Damn. Anyway, had a fun filled day today but now I'm exhausted. My friend Katelyn came over and we partied. LOL JKS. We're too lame and nerdy to party, well really, that's just me, she's AWESOME. So yeah, we just figured out what we are packing for our holiday and shizz like that, but we did play TWISTER!! Haven't played that in a while. It was so much fun and it was hilarious. Anyway, enough of my blabbing, here is number THIRTEEN.

(Gosh, I wish I knew, hehe)
So let's look back at the last episode,
Everyone was back in Melbourne and people were moving on. Turns out Erin and Alistair and Danielle and Tyson were both having picnics at the same park, but Alistair and Danielle were late. Tyson and Erin who bumped into each other and tried to put all their feelings behind and search for two maybe lost people. But turns out, Alistair and Danielle were making out and cheating on them both. Dun dun dun. And that's what you missed on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator (You get the gist?)

"OH MY GOD! HOW COULD YOU?" Tyson and Erin both yelled at Danielle and Alistair.
"I'm sorry." Danielle replied, smiling.
"We just couldn't keep our hands off each other." Alistair added in.
"SCREW YOU ALISTAIR! You know what? I'm actually starting to become happy about your new make out partner, because watching grass grow is more interesting than you and you are a horrible kisser!" Erin said.
"Hmm." Danielle replied, nodding.
"Hey!" Alistair said, angrily.
"Sorry babe, you know I love you." And the two of them went back to making out.
"You are a horrible person Danielle. I don't even know why I went back to you! You are just a terrible and manipulative person, and so are you Alistair. I hope you two are happy!" Tyson yelled but the couple didn't even stop to look. Erin and Tyson were disgusted and stormed away.

This was the last straw for Tyson, he was sick of Danielle and her tricks, and even if he saw her again, all he would feel was hate. Tyson wanted to patch things up with Erin but he wasn't sure if she was ready to forgive her yet. He tried convincing her but she was tougher than he thought.

"Tyson, I know and I accept that it was a summer fling, but couldn't you just at least make it last the full possible length instead of leaving me stranded! It's gonna take more than a few words to win me back, especially for just a week." Erin explained.
"I'm sorry Erin, what do you expect me to do?" Tyson asked.
"You are going to have to figure it out yourself." And with that she walked away.

The next day, while everyone was at a party, Danielle strutted up to Tyson and Erin watched fearfully from hearing distance.
"Hey babe. Let's have some fun of our own on the deserted beach. Let's go." Danielle suggested. She leaned in for a kiss but Tyson pushed her away.
"No way Danielle Straunders." Tyson replied.
"Hey! You know I hate my surname. Some one as pretty as me should have a surname that does her justice."
"Exactly why I just said that, Danielle Straunders." Tyson added, snickering.
"Come on sugar, let's just put everything behind us and go back to the way we use to be, just like the old times."
"No thanks, I'm with Erin now."
"Forget about her, she's too ugly for you anyway. And you deserve better."
"Exactly." Tears were flooding Erin's eyes as she heard this. "I deserve better than a lying, cheating and manipulative girl called Danielle Straunders, and Erin is better." Tyson walked over to Erin and gave her a big passionate kiss. Her heart fluttered and she was beaming. Danielle grabbed Alistair's arm and stormed out of the party. This was the last we would see of them.

"Oh god Tyson, you're are incredible. See, you did know exactly what to do." Erin said, smiling.
"Actually, I didn't. I just did what I thought was right and what my heart told me, and that was to forget Danielle and appreciate all the time I have with you."
"Wow. You are amazing you know that?"
"Thanks, that means a lot, especially from you. But in the end, you are the amazing one. Absolutely amazing."

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If you haven't experienced the Photo Plus experience yet,
Jks, I love you all <3
Photo plus is just so so so so much fun, you can even look like you're floating, I LOVE IT! And you can decorate it and write stuff or add poo on people's heads, hehe. TIS AWESOME!! YOU MUST GO!!

Saw it today, very good deal, got last minute tickets for $59.90, it was the best! You know, some people say it got bad reviews but I think it was WOW WOW WOW
But I mainly loved it for the incredible dancing, so if you're a big fan of the dancing, watch it because it has a lot of the So You Think You Can Dance contestants. Well, you might have to wait now though because today was the last show in Melbourne, but still (:
Although, I have to say it was VERY loud but terrific in the sense that the sound and music was just an addition to it's WICKEDNESS!!! :D
I would totally recommend it and watch it again, FANTASTIC

And that was my daily AWESOME THINGS, but it might not be daily when I get busier with school and of course when I go on holidays.
But anyway,

AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 12

I've made some changes to my fan fiction and I might even do it recorded, oh wait, that's a stupid idea, screw that and forget everything I just typed, although I am making some small changes so think about Glee in the intro because it's kind of like that, so yeah, TAKE THAT AUTUMN, yeah I should shut up, I'm not funny, what was I thinking? Nothing really. Sorry if that didn't make any sense, so yeah, here is number TWELVE!!


So let's recap, last episode :D or chapter :/
Anyway, the whole group went to Queensland for a gig but Tyson ditched Erin cause Danielle came back so Erin had this massive screaming fit. Damn. But then while Ebony, Nick and Erin were at some water-park, Alistair came!! Dun dun dun... So Erin went back to him despite Ebony's advice. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator. BOOM THAT'S ME! Now to the action, look below :)

Everyone was now back in Melbourne, but Queensland isn't like Cabo, what happens in Queensland does not stay there. Erin was still very torn up about Tyson's quick change of girl but was trying to enjoy her time with Alistair. It was actually working quite well, a lot better than it use to be but it obvious she missed Tyson. Tyson felt sorry for Erin but he knew eventually he would have to go home and Erin will be a distant memory, she was just a summer fling and it was now over, Tyson had a head start at rebuilding his relationship with Danielle.

Ebony and Nick both knew that their time was going to end soon, but for them, this was never a summer fling, the emotions were stronger and there was a connection between them that couldn't be found anywhere else. Unlike Tyson and Erin, Nick and Ebony were still together but they were both not wanting the holidays to end. But they knew it had to end sometime, but I guess there was still some time for a bit more drama in their lives. Hmm...

It was early in the afternoon, Alistair was meant to meet Erin at the park for a picnic, but coincidentally, so was Tyson and Danielle. Alistair was running late, and so was Danielle. I wonder what they were doing?

While Erin was off to the cafe to get some coffees for Alistair, she bumped into Tyson. Erin was struggling to keep a straight face, but she wanted to seem happy with Alistair, she wanted Tyson to know that she had moved on, and luckily for her, that's the exact message she got across.
"Hello, Tyson. How are you?"
"Oh hi Erin, I'm good thanks. What about you?"
"I'm very happy, I'm just getting some coffees for Alistair and I, we're having a picnic." Erin replied, beaming.
"Oh, okay. I hope you have fun." Tyson replied, disappointed. He didn't expect her to move on so fast and also he really did miss her but it was just a summer fling to him as well as her, and it will soon be in the back of their minds.

They had a casual conversation but soon realised that it lasted for 15minutes. They were both curious to see where Alistair and Danielle were. Tyson volunteered to walk Erin back, and might try and look for Danielle on the way, just in case she got lost. He called her too but she said she was "coming" but there was giggling in the background. Tyson disregarded it and kept going. While the two of them were strolling, Tyson accidentally got caught in some sticks and then branches as clumsy as he was, and soon he got caught in a bush and fell into a small clearing. Erin ran after him but suddenly stopped in her tracks. Tyson looked up and asked, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" He turned around to see Alistair and Danielle making out. "HEY!" Erin and Tyson yelled. Alistair and Danielle looked up with stunned looks on their faces.

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Tis Amy here, reporting from her dining room :D
REALLY short blog tonight because I should really be in bed by now, SHHH

Anyway, I just wanted to show my very small amount of followers the badges that Cassie and I got from Queensland. By the way, the top left badge says "remember to daydream", sorry about the bad quality, it was taken from an iPhone camera. Now random fact, I don't actually use an iPhone anymore, it was extremely annoying and had all these glitches and stuff so i switched back to my lovely Nokia E71, but anyway, I like to use the iPhone camera because it takes the shortest amount of time to upload. So that was a boring random quick fact, I see no reason why you should know that but oh well. This is something that I really wanted to show you guys, it is the CUTEST hot water bottle ever, but I'm sure there are others that are just as cute. It is from Susan and they were stocking a bunch of stuff around Mothers' Day. Is it just me or does the bird on this have the tiniest resemblance towards the Twitter bird? Just a little bit? I don't use Twitter by the way. I did, but not anymore, I found it a waste of time. It's pretty good for following celebrities but no point if you can't be bothered to do that or just don't really care.
Wow, I have been surprisingly doing a lot of blogging about cute stuff. I guess I just haven't had a chance yet for music and fashion. I will soon, when my other friend comes over we might do some more fashion and music. And also, if you're interested, my All-American Rejects Fan-fiction, Time Stands Still chapter 11 is up, just scroll down or if you have middle-finger-itis (no offense if you do), or your mouse doesn't have the scroll thingy or you just can't be bothered, then click it in the toolbar on the right hand side. Please read and comment, ta. :D

And lol, it didn't turn out to be that short after all, see ya. (:

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Cute Cupcakes


Look at what I have found!! Don't you think they are just the CUTEST cupcakes in the world!! If I had one, I would probably never be able to eat it. But then I would take a pic and then chomp it down because it would be such a waste and it just smells and would probably taste like heaven. Cute stuff is just absolutely gorgeous!!

You know, when I was with in Queensland, and we were at the Gold Coast markets, we saw the cutest cupcakes EVERRRRR, in the flesh, but then they turned out to be soap. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!! But then we found these super cute badges, I will add images soon, and these YUMMY dehydrated fruits, they were like rollups but healthier. ;D

For more uber cute cupcakes check out these websites:

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us - N.W & E.T: Chapter 11

Ebony's POV
Wow, that was amazing. Tyson, Erin, Nick and I have all all just come back from the Gold Coast, Queensland and I had performed for a crowd for the first time. It may have been small but it was an amazing feeling. I have never done anything more fulfilling in my life before. It was just like I was floating on air. I am so thankful to Tyson and Nick for letting me play with them, it was unbelievable. I could see the smiling faces of Tyson, Nick and Erin after the gig, it was fantastic. It was fantastic, until surprise surprise, Danielle came to visit Tyson. And this was how it went down.

Erin ran to the bathroom crying when she had seen her kiss him. But the truth was, she more like forced him on her. She was strong, and Tyson was caught by surprise. He couldn't do anything. He pushed away but it was too late, Erin had already seen enough. It was horrible, I ran after Erin, she was crying and screaming on the floor. She was such a mess, mascara was everywhere and she was throwing her stuff on the floor. I couldn't do anything but hold her and tell her "breathe, breathe". I didn't catch much of the rest of the action but Nick told me everything. Tyson was at Danielle's mercy, all his feelings came rushing back. Erin couldnt do anything, Tyson just missed the way everything was with Danielle so he just wanted it all to be the same. It was horrible, once Erin and I came back, Danielle was in Tyson's arms. Erin couldnt take it anymore and she screamed at him.

"HOW DARE YOU? I thought she was nothing to you! I thought everything about her was forgotten!! I'm sick of this!! Have you been lying this whole time!!"
Tyson just said, "I'm sorry."

I have no idea if he really meant it or not but Erin, who was furious, stormed off. I couldnt do anything but go after her, leaving Nick and my beloved guitar behind. I gave a sympathetic look to Nick and ran after Erin.

Later that afternoon, we had all gone to the waterpark. Erin was looking extremely sad but I used every ounce of my energy to cheer her up and it was starting to work. She was going to third-wheel it out with Nick and I, and we both didnt mind it at all. Nick had returned my guitar to me and we made up for earlier in the day. Erin was actually starting to be really happy and I thought she would be fine without Tyson now, it would be good for her. Nick told me that Tyson "was never a player, but he missed Dani." I decided not to tell her, Erin was stunning and she believed it, she always refused to be the rebound. Just as we were coming out of a ride, guess who we saw, Alistair. Erin, who was still heartbroken and trying to forget Tyson, decided to go back to Alistair, and she swore to herself, she would make this relationship fun. Nick and I were quite confused, I gave her quite a lot of advice:

"Don't go back to Alistair, if he was broing before, he will still be, and you don't want to go out with someone who is not fun and also cheats on you. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Come on. don't use him as your rebound."
She replied, "HEY! I cheated on him."
"No, you didnt because you already knew he cheated on you, and, girls change, guys never do."
"But I deserve to go back to Alistair, Tyson did the same."
"You dont want to do this, what if he cheats on you again?"
"I dont care, I'm just sick of Tyson and Danielle. I'm going back to Alistair and thats that!"

And she stormed away, leaving alone to confide in Nick. Now I thought it was all a lost cause. I'll just have to help Erin when she is hurt, and let things go with the flow.

The aeroplane ride back was awful, Nick and I were stuck in the middle of the whole mess between Tyson and Erin. I could tell Erin was hurt, but Tyson was also sorry. Tyson kept trying to reassure her, but she just kept ignoring him and turned to Alistair. Surprisingly, Danielle and Alistair seemed kind of content with the situation. How strange?

Now, back in Melbourne, Nick and I couldnt deal with any of it anymore. I didnt want that cheat Alistair coming into our house, and I didnt want to see that manipulative Danielle, so we fleed to a countryside town and stayed the weekend. Just us, all alone. It was bliss and it still is. But now I'm dreading going back home and having to face the reality of being stuck in the middle.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us - N.W & E.T: Chapter 10

Dear readers,

I know I havent really been typing much and im dearly sorry. I havent been very creative for the past month. I have had plenty of time because Ive been on holidays but I went to America. I was back a couple of weeks ago but I have a big bunch of holiday homework to do and I'm still not finished. Then next chapters might not be that good because im a little unsure of how to type it, but it is my first fanfiction, so im trying my best.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who is reading my fanfiction. I'm just going to put the fanfiction here too. Everytime I'll put a little blog before the chapter, therefore, everytime I blog the new chapter will be up to. I'm trying to type more now. :D




Nick's POV
Hmm... Who is this Tom dude and why is he so jealous about Eb and I? Should I be worried about him? He seems pretty close to Eb, I guess I dont want to ruin the friendship. I guess she might run back to him when I go home. How am I going to tell her that I'm leaving in two weeks. And I'm pretty busy the last week with gigs and stuff. Maybe I could get her tickets and then we could hang out after, that seems okay. You know, I should really tell Tyson about Eb's song. Maybe we could make some kind of duet or let her play in our gig too. That would be epic.
knock knock
I wonder who that is? I dont really know anyone here.
I peered through the peep hole and saw the stunning Ebony, standing there in a cute summer dress.
"Hey babe. Come in. How are you?" I asked.
"I'm pretty good, thanks. You?" She replied.
"You free now?"
"Yes, of course. I'm always free for you." :D
"Aww, thanks. You wanna go for a walk? By the beach?"

We had walked for a while and we talked the whole way. Everytime Im with her I feel right. Like everything fits. I feel this chemistry between us. Sparks. You know what, I love her. Im in love with her. I know I've only known her for a week but I feel like everything's perfect. I can't believe I have to leave soon. I dont know how I could stand even a day away from her, because whenever I am, I just miss her. I constantly miss her. She makes me feel like I'm floating on clouds, with her. I need to tell her how I feel, and I hope she feels the same. Because time goes by quickly, and I cant miss a second when Im with Ebony. We had reached the pier and we walked to the edge and sat down.
"You know what Eb?" I said.
"What?" She replied.
"I need to tell you something."
"Really? Is it bad?"
"No. No. Its good, if you're in the same place too."
"Well, Eb, there isnt a different way to say this but... I love you."
"Oh my gosh. You know what? I love you too. More than you could imagine."
"That's not possible. When I'm with you I feel like I'm floating in the clouds, with you."
"I think it just fits. With you, it feels perfect."
"You know what, I really believe that you're the love of my life. That you're the one I'm destined to be with."
"Same. Like you're my soul mate. I want you always by my side."
"This is too hard. I cant believe that I have to leave in two weeks."
"What? Two weeks?"
"That's too short. Stay, please."
"I cant, my visa will expire."
"Aww. I'm really gonna miss you."
"Me too. And to make it worse, the last week is mainly filled with gigs and stuff."
"But I could get you some tickets. And if I speak to Tyson, I might be able to get you a spot in our gig."
"Really? You'd do that for me?"
"Of course, I wouldnt say that if I didnt love you and if I didnt think you were truly talented."
"Thanks. Really, I mean it. By the way, what about next week? Are you busy then?"
"Thankfully, I've got nothing on."
"You know what, you havent been to the gold coast yet. I think you should really visit our theme parks. They'd kick Disneyland's ass." ;D
"Oh, that would be awesome."
"Also, my friend owns a pretty busy coffee shop there and they're in need of bands so, you'd be welcome to play. We could invite Tyson and Erin along too."
"Oh yes, that would be the best."
"Haha, I know."
"Thanks, you really are the best. I truly love you."
"And I'm in love with you too."

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 9 - N.W & E.T


I know this fanfic is meant to be surrounded around Nick and Ebony but I might as well add some Tyson and Erin. But the main story like is about Nick and Ebony. Sorry this chapter is taking ages to be put up, I'll try and do it more frequently because it's my holidays now.

I am also writing a story on the side, but it's not about a band, its just a story but I might post it. Ive only done one chapter though so it's coming slowly. I also wrote a story for school, so if i have time, i might post it. This blog basically has a lot of my writing on it.

Anyway, I shall be going to america in two weeks so i might not be able to get a chance to write, but i'll try.


Tyson's POV
It's a beautiful summer's day and what could be better than having a picnic in the sun with Erin. She is absolutely beautiful, her blonde hair blowing with the wind and mesmerising green eyes staring back at mine. I cant think of a more beautiful sight.

bing bing
Damn! who the heck would be texting me now? trying to ruin my beautiful day?
"It's okay, you can check it." Erin says, allowing me to pull out my phone.
*Reading in head*
"Hey babe, how are you doing my sexy thang? I just wanted to ask how beautiful Australia is. Anyway, be prepared because an unexpected surprise will be coming your way!! Love you, mwah. Dannii xoxo"
Erin looked at me, puzzled. I started to heat up and Erin pushed away.
"Are you okay?" She asked. I didnt answer, i was just so angry!! What is danielle trying to do? Make me go back to her? She dumped me!
"Seriously, Ty?" Erin persisted.
"Yeah yeah, im fine." I replied.
"No, you're not. Let me take a look at that." She took my phone before I could function what was going on. She read the text and stood up, in silence.
"What's going on Ty?" She asked, trying to stay calm. "Who is this Dannii? Is she your girlfriend?"
"No, she's not. She's just crazy." I replied.
"Was she your girlfriend? Was she? TELL ME THE TRUTH!" Erin asked, raising her voice. This really broke my heart, I just didnt know how to explain this to her without looking like i lied.
"Yes, she's my ex. Why should you care? You're cheating on your boyfriend."
"No I'm not, I broke up with him last night, and he seemed pretty fine about it anyway. Does she know that you're broken up?"
"Are you sure?"
"I made it pretty clear before I left. Anyway, she's the one that cheated on me."
"So, obviously she either realised she made a mistake or is a manipulative bitch."
"She hurt me pretty bad, I could never forgive her."
"Obviously you're still torn from the incident, she's the one that cheated on you, she's the one that hurt you. Of course you'd be heartbroken, and I cant change that."
"What? No, Erin!"
"Im sorry, but I cant be with someone who is still hurt from an old relationship."
"No, dont run back to Alistair, he's cheating on you too."
"I'm not running back, I'm being single."
"But Erin, I'm not hurt. I'm over her."
"No you're not, I know you still love her."
"Erin, listen to me. I dont love her, I thought I loved Danielle, but I never really did. What she did to me wasnt just cheating, she did other stuff that I could never forgive her for. The truth is, I love you."
"Wait... What?"
"I love you Erin, I have never met anyone more sincere, more beautiful, more fun, more kind. I love you, and you're the one i want to be with."
"Oh, gawd Tyson. You really know how to make a girl fall heels over head for you."
"I love you too."
I leaned in and we kissed. It was magical, and I realised that I was falling for her.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us - N.W: Chapter 8

THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS; N.W & E.T (nick wheeler & ebony taylor) *E.T. LOL*

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, i had school exams and then I started year 9 earlier, cuz that's what my school does, so we got a big bunch of homework. Luckily, I have been able to complete most of it before, so I'm just catching a break now. I have finally decided to make this fanfic a Nick Wheeler and Ebony Taylor fanfic, Tyson and Erin will mainly just be in the background. Sorry for all of Tyson's fans but he will be coming eventually.

Also, sorry that this chapter is really really really short. I didnt have much time. I'll try and make the next one longer.


Ebony's POV
I hadnt been getting much sleep. I couldnt stop thinking about what happened with Tom and the implications it might have on our friendship. I know there is a saying friends before lovers, but i have never loved anything more than Nick. He's practically my life now. I had never dreamt I would ever meet someone that would fit so perfectly with me. It was as if I had found my soulmate.
ring ring
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey." A sad and tired voice answered. i knew who it was, i recognised that voice anywhere.
"I'm sorry. Really. For everything. If you never want to talk or see me again, that's okay, as long as you're happy. I'll do anything. I'll get out of your life."
"No. I dont want you to."
"It seems like you do though. I dont want to ruin your relationship with Nick."
"Tom, listen to me. I still love you, I never want you to leave my life. I always want you by my side. I just have to do this. Nick is my life, even if it's for a short period of time. I need you to understand that."
"I'm trying to, as long as it makes you happy."
"It does, it really does. Knowing that you're still going to stay in my life, and be my friend, is more than good enough."
"So we're good."
"Yeah, we're good. See ya later."
"Bye." And with that, I hung up. I know it wasnt the best way to make up, but at least we did, and im happy knowing that our friendship is good, for now.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 7


Anyone think I've been writing too much about Eb and Nick? I feel like I am. But I'm trying to centre this story around them, just in case anyone was wondering. I find it really hard to write about more then one relationship. But oh well. I'll figure something out, especially in the next series.
Sorry if it's confusing.


Ebony's POV

ding dong
I heard the door bell ring, and put my guitar down, and stopped writing. Ever since I met Nick and Tyson, I have been so inspired to write more. I have finally met some people so alike me in many ways it's just uncountable.
I walked to the door and opened it. My heart skipped a beat. It was the very cute, Nickolas Wheeler.
"Hey," I said, about to continue but was quickly interrupted.
"I know you're probably wondering what I'm doing here," Nick started, reading my mind. "But I just wanted to drop by and give you this. He pulled out a bouquet from behind my back. It was orchids. I couldn't believe my eyes. How did he know? They're my favourite. I spied a cd amidst the beautiful flowers.
"Orchids, I hope you like them." Nick continued.
"They are beautiful. How did you know?" I asked.
"Know what?"
"Orchids are my favourite."
"I didn't. I just thought you would like them."
"Well you sure got that right."
"Umm... Can I come in?"
"Oh right, yeah, sure." I moved to the side to allow Nick to come in. Once he walked in the door, I closed it and felt him brush my hair. I turned around and he held my hand, leaned in and kissed my lips softly. I felt my heart beat faster and smiled back.
"By the way, there is a cd in the flowers. It's a mix of a couple of songs. Hope you like them." Nick added in.
I put the cd into my laptop and we sat down together and listened.
"Wait," I quickly said. "Could you play the songs for me now?"
"Are you sure? It sounds better recorded."
"Yeah, I like it live and it'll be acousitc." (: He laughed back. "Here's a guitar, i was writing just before you came."
"Umm... Okay... I can't help that I was born this way. I can't help that I can't find love. That women just never love me but then you came and made everything alright. You made me feel like a shooting star, without a worry in the world. Lighter than air and words can't describe how great you are. Your eyes make me want to melt with you forever, like we need to make the best of what we have left. And I can't bear the thought of being away from you. And that's why I came today, to sing you this song..."
I listened in awe, I had never heard a song so beautiful. I was captivated. I truly loved Nick, I really did. Words really can't express the way I love him. Once he finished the song, he said, "Sorry if it's lame."
"No way, that was absolutely beautiful. I love it." I replied, feeling beyond as happy as i have ever felt before.
"I also have to make a confession."
"Umm... The song's about you."
"Really? Oh my gosh. I can't believe it. You wrote a song about me? And, I sort of want to tell you something too. Something that words can't express."
"I love you too."
We leaned into eachother and kissed again.

ding dong

"Who could that be?" I asked.
"I have no idea. Erin?" Nick replied.
"Nup, can't be. She's with Tyson, right?"
"Oh yeah, he picked her up this morning."
"Then who is it?"
"I dont know."
"Let's go and see."
I opened the door and saw tom standing there, with an apologetic and surprised look on his face. He must've realised Nick was my boyfriend because we were holding hands.
"Hey Tom," I said a little confused. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to see how you're doing." He replied.
"I'm fine."
"You didn't seem fine a couple hours ago."
"Well, I am now. And I'm busy."
"Okay. Well I see you don't have anymore time for your best friend."
"Best guy friend. And I have a boyfriend now who FYI i do love very deeply. Tom, know your place."
"I see. We were closer but I guess you've lost your heart to some American dude."
"Tom, don't be rude. He's standing right here, which I think you have realised."
"Then aren't you going to introduce us?"
"No thanks, I think I've lost my respect for you now."
"What the hell are you talking about? I come over here to see if you're alright and you're talking to me about losing my respect. You know what? This is all just about your lovely new boyfriend Nick! And I thought something was gonna happen between us and then you meet this dude who is probably going to leave you to go home anyway."
"Actually, you came here to pick a fight. And I don't care if he's gonna go home and leave me, I'll just make the most of what we have. And dont start offending Nick, he never did anything wrong to you. I can't fight with you, our friendship is too strong. Can't you just forget your jealous ways and be happy for me? I've finally found someone I really love. Please think of this from my point of view. Now, please leave peacefully."
"Fine, whatever." He turned around and left and I closed the door. I turned around, slid down and sat against the door. I started to sob and Nick came down with me. He started rubbing my back, and holding me against his chest. Nick kept telling me, "It's gonna be okay. It will be fine," But I'm not sure if it really will be. I felt like my chest was burning, like I was drowning. The only thing keeping me holding my breath was Nick. What is going to happen to me an tom? I have no idea. But I really really hope I didnt just destroy our friendship. Please please no.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 6



Sorry to any Twilight fans but i love Harry Potter.

Also, this was a rush chapter because I had to go somewhere. Sorry I couldn't proofread if there were any errors.

Ebony's POV

Ring ring ring
goes my phone. I look at the screen, caller: Tom. Damn, this makes me feel so bad. I think there is a chance he might like me, I guess we've been getting pretty close over the holidays. I wasn't sure if I should go out with him or not. So I left it for a while but then Nick came. I never regret going out with Nick, I have never loved anyone more but the fact that Tom still doesn't know. Hurts me a little, and it might hurt him more. I pressed the green answer button on my phone and prepared my self.
"Hello?" I said, timidly.
"Hi. It's Tom." Tom replied.
"So... How are you? I just called to see how you're going. I've missed you. Haven't seen you in a while."
"Haha, It's only been three days i think. And I'm alright. I'm about to go to the shops. You?"
"Okay, I guess it hasn't been that long and I'm good thanks. What a coincidence! I'm going to the shops too! Maybe I'll bump into you?"
"Yeah. Maybe."
I wasn't sure if he really was originally going to the shops, maybe he's gonna try and make it a date. I dear god hope not.
"Okay, well. I might see you there then. Bye." I added in.
"Yeah. Bye." Tom said as I hung up.
Damn, should I go to the shops now? I guess I don't want to be avoiding my best guy friend. That's not a very good idea. I shouldn't be avoiding. I should just act like nothing's wrong.

I walked through one the shopping centre's many automatic doors and headed for the book store. The usual place I go to check the top 100 books, in any hope that the rankings have changed, or to make sure that harry potter is still number 1. :D I wonder how the rankings are made? Is it buy the amount of books are being bought? Or an online poll? I should check that out. Wait a second, Tom knows I go there all the time. Always first. Maybe I should go to JB Hi-Fi then, my second preference. But I don't want to abandon my routine. Maybe I could quickly walk there and then go straight down the escalator's to JB Hi-Fi. Okay, that's a good idea.

I walked briskly to the book store, but then I saw a book who's blurb i have intended on reading and then it was too late. I saw Tom standing by the adult fiction section, looking at the blurb of a book. It made me feel bad I was trying to avoid him.
"Hello Eb." Tom said.
"Hey!" I said, looking up, trying to look surprised.
"How are you? Wait, I don't have to ask you that. Cuz I just did 15minutes ago. Haha."
"Hehe." I laughed, a little nervous. I think he sensed it and for some reason tensed up.
"So... I was wondering. Umm... Would you like to go out with me, say tomorrow?"
Damn, bombshell.
"Well, I sort of have a boyfriend."
"He's from America and he's here on vacation."
"But he's not gonna be here forever is he?"
"Well, no."
"I dont think this is very good for you." He was starting to get defensive, I hated when he did this.
" But I love him. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I've just been really busy."
"With him?"
"Yes. Tom, don't get angry with me."
"I'm not angry."
"Yes you are, I can tell. And you don't own me. See ya later." I could see he was angry, puzzled and sad at the same time but there was nothing I could do. I turned around and walked away, feeling very very very bad. I heard him quietly reply, "Yeah, you're right. Bye," but I kept walking away, the guilt building up in me. I knew this conversation wasn't finished properly and will probably continue, I am sensing a lecture from Tom about my new boyfriend. Oh well, there is nothing I can do. Tom is still my best guy friend.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 5


I'm not sure about this chapter as well. It might seem a little boring, I'm sorry.
I think this chapter is a bit short. Sorry. Also, didn't have time to proofread it so if any of this doesn't make sense or if there are any typos, I'm sorry.


Erin's POV

This bass part is so hard, grr. I'm playing guitar hero while waiting for Tyson and Nick to come as well as warming up the wii *wink wink*.
"Ding dong!" I heard the door bell ring as Ebony went to answer it, my solo came so I was rocking hard.
"Hey guys, thanks for coming." I heard Ebony say.
"Our pleasure, thanks for letting us come." A guy's voice replied, I think it was Nick's.
"Erin's upstairs playing guitar hero. Wanna go join her?"
"Yeah sure, we love guitar hero." Another voice said, whom i didn't recognise.
"Good, you brought your instruments."
"Yep, we did. If we didn't, then there would be no point in us coming."
"Not no point."
I heard footsteps coming up the stairs but I didn't care, 'cuz I'm nailing this solo. 100% so far. Woohoo! I felt eyes on me but I didn't get nervous, 'cuz I'm such a pro. Yeah! The song finished and I heard Ebony say, "Guys, this is Erin."
I turned around and recognised Nick's face and saw a pretty damn good looking guy who must've been Tyson.
"Erin, this is Nick who you've already met, and Tyson who you have now met." Ebony continued. Everyone laughed and Nick said,
"Hey, nice playing." Tyson added, smiling at me.
"Thanks, and please to meet you." I said, smiling back at Tyson.
"Good work on the solo." Tyson said while Ebony and Nick went to grab the guitars.
"Thanks again." I replied, not sure if it was okay to flirt with Tyson when I already have a boyfriend. Then again, what bad can some innocent flirting do? Alistair's probably with some other girl anyway.

After playing awesome guitar hero and some mario kart, we all walked to the cafe. We took the long way round to show the guys a bit of the estate. Of course, Nick and Ebony walked together, about 50m ahead, chatting away so Tyson and I ended up walking together.

"So... I hear you play the bass." Tyson said.
"Yep, I do. Thanks to Eb, she's the one that taught me. What about you?" I asked.
"Dido, I actually started playing because I lied to Nick that I could play bass."
"Haha, lol. Cheeky. Good thing you know now."
"You sing?"
"Yep, sure do."
"We should hear you as well, when we get back from lunch."
"Yeah, that'd be nice."
"Well, I was thinking. Would you like to go out sometime?"
"I would but I actually have a boyfriend."
"Oh." Tyson replied, sounding disappointed.
"But I think he's cheating on me." I quickly added in.
"Oh?" Tyson said, his mood lifting.
"Cuz he seems weird now, I don't think I love him anymore, and I don't think I ever did."
"Oh right, his name is Alistair."
"Well I think this Alistair dude is taking such a beautiful girl for granted. It's his bad luck that he's making the decision to cheat on you. I never would."
"And, why don't you go out with me anyway. Make him jealous."
"Nah, I think I should break up with him first. I've done some pretty sinful things before so I think I should have some more karma points."
"Haha, good thinking. We can still hang out, right?"
"Of course, why not? We can be friends for now, and get closer later." I winked at Tyson and he smiled back.
"Sure thing. That would be great."

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 4


this chap probably isn't that good because I didn't really have a chance to think of what to write and i had writer's block.


Tyson's POV

The sun shone through the blinds and woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes thinking, "What do I have to do today? Is it worth waking up now? What's the time? Rar, stuff this, I'm going back to sleep." when my alarm went off, making me realise it was the weekend and it was 10am. Might as well get up, there's no chance I'm getting back to sleep now. We had rented an apartment for this vacation, seeing we're here for a while. Nick was already up which was surprising since he came home pretty late last night.
"I'm surprised your up, Nickolas." I said, opening my eyes slightly.
"Yeah, well, I felt like watching a movie." That was unusual cuz normally he does his post-date routine. He'd do some meditating to clear his head then start writing cuz he always thought that his dates were absolutely disastrous. Obviously, this one was good.
"So... how was your date?"
"It was absolutely fantastic! It was the best date i have ever been on!! Ebony looked so beautiful, and she was so nice to talk to, I felt so comfortable around her..."
Yada yada yada yada, he kept going on and on about his date with Ebony while my mind sidetracked. I wonder if I'll meet some hot Aussie chick. Hmm... What's up with Danielle? Why am I thinking of Danielle? She's the one that dumped me for that jock Duncan and cheated on me before she broke up with me. She was never good for me. Grr, I hate that girl but damn, she was sexy."
"By the way, did you know that Ebony writes?" I heard while I zoned back into the conversation.
"I do now, that's awesome." I replied.
"And she taught her best friend, Erin to play bass."
"Wicked, is Erin hot?"
"But then again, how would you know? You were probably to busy staring at Ebony." I pushed him lightly and he replied with an annoyed look on his face but laughed it off.
"Anyway, she's free today, wanna go to her house and hear her play or share some music. You can see if Erin is hot or not cuz she's gonna be there as well."
"Haha, sure. What time?"
"We're having lunch at her place cuz she said there's a nice cafe on the other side of the lake and she said we can come whenever so whenever you're ready?"
"Woah, wait a second. She lives on a lake?"
"Yep, in an estate."
"She must be rich."
"I guess, although it's actually her grandma's old house."
"So... She still lives in an estate. Is it big?"
"Hell yeah! Anyway, hurry up and get ready." I trodged back to my room, wondering if this Erin girl would be a good summer love.

Erin's POV

The weather looks pretty nice today although Alistair doesn't seem so nice to me anymore. What the hell is going on with him? Everytime I talk to him it feels like I'm talking to a wall. Oh well, we'll probably break up anytime soon cuz if he doesnt, I will. Trying to block Alistair out of my head, I put on a dressing gown and walked downstairs to see if Ebony was up yet.
"Hey Eb. What are we doing today?" I asked my best friend.
"I thought you remembered, Nick and Tyson are coming over to share music and stuff. You said you'd stay as well." Ebony replied.
"Oh yeah, I remember now. They're having lunch with us at the cafe right?"
"Yep. "
"By the way, how was your date last night?"
"It was absolutely amazing!"
"But, what about your best guy friend Tom? You guys were getting pretty close before you met Nick."
"Yeah? What about him?"
"I figured you guys were gonna get together."
"Well, I dont think we are since I'm with Nick, obviously. Also, i just got a text from Nick, they're coming at around 11 so that gives you an hour to get dressed and everything."
"Kays. I see you're already dressed."
"Yes I am Erin, remember, I don't take five hours to get dressed like you."
"Ahh, yes. Well then, I better go use my one hour wisely, I'd like to look nice and hope to attract Nick's friend, Tyson."
"Wait, what? What about Alistair?"
"Alistair's a turd, i'm seriously getting sick of him now. I don't know what to do. If he doesn't break up with me, then I will."
"Aww, Erin. Are you okay with it all?"
"No but anyways, I think he's cheating on me."
"What? How do you know?"
"Well, I don't know for sure, but why else would be turn blah and boring?"
"I dont know, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation."
"Yeah, whatever."
"But don't use Tyson as your rebound dude."
"I wont, Eb. Dont fret. I'm not that mean, and plus, I haven't even met Tyson yet so how am I meant to know if it will work."
"Okay, fine. Hurry up and get ready or you're gonna waste your hour."
"Alright." I said as I walked up stairs, hoping that Tyson will like me and not be one of my many failed relationships. I guess I have to leave it to fate.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 3

Sorry about the long post, I was on camp. And also, this chap is gonna be pretty long.
Thanks to Amanda for helping me to think of a plot and helping me with ideas whilst on camp.


Ebony's POV

"Morning Erin." I said, as my best friend of 18 years walked into the kitchen.
"Wow, you're up early. Are you excited about your date with Nick?" She replied.
"It's not a date, we're just friends."
"Yeah right it's not a date."
"Fine, whatever, and I just woke up early because I wanted to do some song writing."
"When's Nick picking you up?"
"He's picking me up at 10am 'cuz we have to get to the city and everything. He even said he would wake up early for me."
"Naw, that's so sweet. He sounds like he must be lovely."
"Yes, he is." I stared out the window, daydreaming, but then considered Erin and continued,
"Erin, what are you doing today?"
"I'm hanging out with Alistair."
"Oooooo," I teased. "You love-birds. How's is going by the way?"
"Actually, it's not so good."
"What? Is everything okay?" I said, serious again.
"I don't feel the connection anymore and he seems blank, preoccupied. I don't love him, I never did, I only liked him cuz he's hot and so buff!"
"Erin, don't be shallow and don't worry, there are plenty of other fish in the sea."
"Yeah, true that."
"Well, I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

Nick's POV

Will she like me? Will she not? I hope she does. Should I have dressed more formal? Why am I so nervous? Why do I always think so much? If Tyson knew this I would get bullied 24/7 for being too feminine. I am so weird.

Ebony's house is so big. I walked up to the doorstep and I heard a guitar and a beautiful voice. Was it Ebony's? I pressed the doorbell and recognised Ebony's voice chime, "I'm coming." She opened the door and i gasped quietly.
"Hi. What's wrong?" She asked. She must've heard me gasp.
"Oh, nothing. You look beautiful."
She really did look beautiful, even if she was only wearing chucks, a singlet and shorts. Her silky brown hair flowed as she moved. She looked like an angel in casual clothes.
"Thanks," she replied, blushing. "You look very handsome."
I saw a blonde girl standing in the background silently clapping her hands happily. Ebony rolled her eyes and introduced the girl.
"This is my best friend, Erin." Ebony exclaimed.
"Hey Nick, pleased to meet you." Erin said, cheerfully.
"Hi." I replied.

This is the thing about Ebony, I don't know why but I feel the most comfortable around her, I can really be myself with her and I don't feel awkward. I can't help it. It's just the way I feel.
"So... Umm... I heard you singing and playing guitar, at least I think it was you." I said.
"Yep, it was." Ebony replied.
"You play beautifully and you have the most wonderful voice. I didn't recognise the song though. What was it?"
"It was All I Ever Wanted Was You."
"Well, I wrote it."
"Really? You write music?"
"Yep. Do you?"
"Yes, well that's great! Maybe sometime we could collaborate and share ideas?"
"Umm... Okay, sure."
"Does Erin play any instruments?"
"Well, before she didn't but then I taught her bass."
"That's awesome. Which instrument is your favourite?"
"Umm... That's a hard question. I'd have to saw the violin although it's harder to compose on the violin and sing and stuff so I also like the guitar. I quite enjoy piano as well but not as much as guitar."
"I've always liked the guitar. Which instrument did you start first?"
"Violin then guitar then piano. You?"
"Guitar again."

It was the best date I have ever been on. First we went to crown and had lunch at a gourmet pizza restaurant and Ebony showed me this chocolate shop which I loved. Then we went to Galactic Circus, the indoor gaming place. We played Laser Force which was so much fun, we played with some strangers. I owned everyone of course. After that Ebony took us to Docklands where we had a delectable seafood dinner. Then we sat on a pier and watched the sunset. It was so beautiful.
I leaned in and said to her, "This is the best date I have ever been on."
"Dido." She replied as we both leaned in kissed. I felt sparks. It was wonderful.
We talked all the way home. Ebony told us the long way home and we talked even more. It was the best. Once we reached her house. I gave her a quick kiss and as her hand left mine, I swear I saw shooting stars in the sky.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 2

I've never written fanfics before so I dont know how often you post a chapter so yeah. It just depends if I can get on the computer. Also, for all the weekdays next week, i won't be able to post because I will be on camp.
Enjoy (:


Ebony's POV

This Nick dude is so kind, and he saved my life. Well, not my life, just from a fall. Tyson's pretty nice too. I think they have an American accent, I wonder if they actually are from America. Nick's eyes were so captivating, they are not just hazel but deeply filled with character. I just couldn't look away. Maybe this is the guy for me. Will he ask me out? Should I ask him? Why do I always over analyse these things? I should just go with the flow sometimes.
"So... Do you like music?" I asked them.
"Hell yeah! I love it! It's in my blood! Replied Tyson, ecstatically. "We're both in a band. I play bass , vocals and occasionally keyboard. Nick plays guitar, backup vocals and occasionally drums and keyboard. Do you play any instruments?"
"Umm... I play guitar, piano, vocals and violin. I rarely play bass and drums." I replied, tilting my head down.
"Wow, that's a log, you must be such a talented musician." Nick added in.
"Nah, not really. I just like love music and I'm really passionate about it."
"Can we hear you some time?" Tyson asked.
"Maybe. Have you guys eaten? I'm a little hungry myself, wanna go to the food court?" I asked.
"Sure, lead the way." Nick said.
"You guys don't come here often, do you?"
"Well, we are from America so we don't really get a chance to."
"Oh, really? I thought you had an accent."
"You just realised?"
"Yeah, I was a little distracted." I smiled and Nick blushed. "So... Where abouts are you from?" I continued.
"We're from Stillwater, Oklahoma." Tyson added in. "Speaking of water, I need to go to the bathroom. Be right back." Tyson winked at Nick.
"We'll be over by the food court." Nick replied.
"See ya." Nick and I said together, as we smiled at eachother.
Nick's POV

Ebony is so cool, modest and talented. I've only known her for half an hour but I can't get her out of my head. I think I'm falling for her. I'm going to ask her out. But to where? I don't know where anything is here. Oh well, I'll find a way.
"Where in Melbourne have you been already?" Ebony asked.
"Barely anywhere, we arrived here from Sydney yesterday." I replied.
"Oh." I wasn't sure if she sounded sad or happy. "You should go to Crown of Southbank. Ooooo! Or Docklands! They have the best seafood restaurants there. But Crown is my favourite, they have Galactic Circus there which is an indoor game place with laser force and stuff!" She continued, excitedly.
"Maybe I could take you out there sometime?" I asked, a little nervous.
"Yeah sure, I'd love to." She smiled shyly and it made me flutter inside. Yes, I am falling for her.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 1

First fanfic ever for me so sorry if I don't follow the correct layout or anything. I've read tons but it's hard for me to write them so bare with me 'till I get the hang of it but by then it still might suck.

P.S. Sorry it's short and thanks to Katie who helped me out. I get confused about the tense and my grammar is a little bad. Oh yeah, and this is set in a shopping centre.

Tyson's POV (Point of view)

Wow, Aussie people are so nice. They are so welcoming and kind; I want to come here every year. Nick seems to be enjoying himself, as he always is. The beaches are great in Sydney but I think he likes the calmness of Melbourne better; so do I. The chicks here are hot, in Melbourne and Sydney.
Nick's POV

Melbourne is cool as! I love this place! I wonder if I will find a good pair of Chuck Taylor's.
"Hey Tyson, let's find a show store, I want a pair of new Chuck Taylor's." I said.
"Yeah, whatever. I think I saw a shop over there." Tyson replied.
I scanned the shop names to see if anything relates to shoes. Suddenly, this beautiful girl lost her footing and I caught her! Her eyes were this beautiful blue that I have never seen before, even bluer than Tyson's. I felt an electricity between us. I stared at her for a moment and then she said softly,
"Wow." but realised what happened and quickly said,
"Hey."Showing me a cute smile. As I returned back to Earth, I made an attempt to be enthusiastic with a,
"Thanks for saving me, sorry I'm so clumsy." She said.
"No worries, I'm Nick by the way, Nick Wheeler."
"Hi Nick, I'm Ebony, Ebony Taylor."
"Wow, what a pretty name."
"Thanks I guess. It means black."
I laughed casually and then I felt a nudge in my left shoulder and realised it was Tyson.
"Oh, sorry. This is my friend, Tyson."
"Hi Tyson." She said sweetly.
"Hey," Tyson replied. "Do you know of a store here that sells Chuck Taylor's?"
"Yep, I love 'em. Do you want me to show you?"
"Yes please," I added in, a bit too enthusiastically. "You can be our tour guide!"
"Sure, why not? I'm not busy today anyway."
Then she smiled at me and I smiled back. I swear I saw fireworks.

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Preview


First ever fanfic so I'm sorry if it's not that good, im still learning
and i still haven't understood how to get cool backgrounds and stuff so it's really rough and the blogs will be in bad order and really messy so I'm so sorry.

P.S. This is at the start of the band, before Tyson and Nick met Chris and Mike but they will be coming in the next series. Sorry

Tyson and Nick travel to Australia in search for music inspiration as well as a fun and relaxing vacation. Nick ends up falling in love with a beautiful but low-self confident girl named Ebony. Although she has also been getting close to her best guy friend, Tom. Tyson ends up meeting Ebony's best friend, Erin who falls in love with him but she is dating a jock called Alistair while Tyson's ex isn't over him and is willing to do anything to have him back.

I will introduce you to my first ever fan fiction of Tyson and Nick's adventures overseas, in a foreign land where people drive in the other lane and there are unique Australian native animals such as koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras and they fall head over heals for cute Aussie girls.

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I have actually written a fan fiction for the All American Rejects, well, I'm not finished, I'm still going. But anyway, all the previous chapters are on live journal but I am moving them ALL to here and I will keep writing here.
Now, I will blog on other randomo stuff on my mind at the time, and I will TRY and blog as much as I can, but school gets really busy these days.
So yeah, thanks hun (:
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