Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 6



Sorry to any Twilight fans but i love Harry Potter.

Also, this was a rush chapter because I had to go somewhere. Sorry I couldn't proofread if there were any errors.

Ebony's POV

Ring ring ring
goes my phone. I look at the screen, caller: Tom. Damn, this makes me feel so bad. I think there is a chance he might like me, I guess we've been getting pretty close over the holidays. I wasn't sure if I should go out with him or not. So I left it for a while but then Nick came. I never regret going out with Nick, I have never loved anyone more but the fact that Tom still doesn't know. Hurts me a little, and it might hurt him more. I pressed the green answer button on my phone and prepared my self.
"Hello?" I said, timidly.
"Hi. It's Tom." Tom replied.
"So... How are you? I just called to see how you're going. I've missed you. Haven't seen you in a while."
"Haha, It's only been three days i think. And I'm alright. I'm about to go to the shops. You?"
"Okay, I guess it hasn't been that long and I'm good thanks. What a coincidence! I'm going to the shops too! Maybe I'll bump into you?"
"Yeah. Maybe."
I wasn't sure if he really was originally going to the shops, maybe he's gonna try and make it a date. I dear god hope not.
"Okay, well. I might see you there then. Bye." I added in.
"Yeah. Bye." Tom said as I hung up.
Damn, should I go to the shops now? I guess I don't want to be avoiding my best guy friend. That's not a very good idea. I shouldn't be avoiding. I should just act like nothing's wrong.

I walked through one the shopping centre's many automatic doors and headed for the book store. The usual place I go to check the top 100 books, in any hope that the rankings have changed, or to make sure that harry potter is still number 1. :D I wonder how the rankings are made? Is it buy the amount of books are being bought? Or an online poll? I should check that out. Wait a second, Tom knows I go there all the time. Always first. Maybe I should go to JB Hi-Fi then, my second preference. But I don't want to abandon my routine. Maybe I could quickly walk there and then go straight down the escalator's to JB Hi-Fi. Okay, that's a good idea.

I walked briskly to the book store, but then I saw a book who's blurb i have intended on reading and then it was too late. I saw Tom standing by the adult fiction section, looking at the blurb of a book. It made me feel bad I was trying to avoid him.
"Hello Eb." Tom said.
"Hey!" I said, looking up, trying to look surprised.
"How are you? Wait, I don't have to ask you that. Cuz I just did 15minutes ago. Haha."
"Hehe." I laughed, a little nervous. I think he sensed it and for some reason tensed up.
"So... I was wondering. Umm... Would you like to go out with me, say tomorrow?"
Damn, bombshell.
"Well, I sort of have a boyfriend."
"He's from America and he's here on vacation."
"But he's not gonna be here forever is he?"
"Well, no."
"I dont think this is very good for you." He was starting to get defensive, I hated when he did this.
" But I love him. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I've just been really busy."
"With him?"
"Yes. Tom, don't get angry with me."
"I'm not angry."
"Yes you are, I can tell. And you don't own me. See ya later." I could see he was angry, puzzled and sad at the same time but there was nothing I could do. I turned around and walked away, feeling very very very bad. I heard him quietly reply, "Yeah, you're right. Bye," but I kept walking away, the guilt building up in me. I knew this conversation wasn't finished properly and will probably continue, I am sensing a lecture from Tom about my new boyfriend. Oh well, there is nothing I can do. Tom is still my best guy friend.

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