Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 5


I'm not sure about this chapter as well. It might seem a little boring, I'm sorry.
I think this chapter is a bit short. Sorry. Also, didn't have time to proofread it so if any of this doesn't make sense or if there are any typos, I'm sorry.


Erin's POV

This bass part is so hard, grr. I'm playing guitar hero while waiting for Tyson and Nick to come as well as warming up the wii *wink wink*.
"Ding dong!" I heard the door bell ring as Ebony went to answer it, my solo came so I was rocking hard.
"Hey guys, thanks for coming." I heard Ebony say.
"Our pleasure, thanks for letting us come." A guy's voice replied, I think it was Nick's.
"Erin's upstairs playing guitar hero. Wanna go join her?"
"Yeah sure, we love guitar hero." Another voice said, whom i didn't recognise.
"Good, you brought your instruments."
"Yep, we did. If we didn't, then there would be no point in us coming."
"Not no point."
I heard footsteps coming up the stairs but I didn't care, 'cuz I'm nailing this solo. 100% so far. Woohoo! I felt eyes on me but I didn't get nervous, 'cuz I'm such a pro. Yeah! The song finished and I heard Ebony say, "Guys, this is Erin."
I turned around and recognised Nick's face and saw a pretty damn good looking guy who must've been Tyson.
"Erin, this is Nick who you've already met, and Tyson who you have now met." Ebony continued. Everyone laughed and Nick said,
"Hey, nice playing." Tyson added, smiling at me.
"Thanks, and please to meet you." I said, smiling back at Tyson.
"Good work on the solo." Tyson said while Ebony and Nick went to grab the guitars.
"Thanks again." I replied, not sure if it was okay to flirt with Tyson when I already have a boyfriend. Then again, what bad can some innocent flirting do? Alistair's probably with some other girl anyway.

After playing awesome guitar hero and some mario kart, we all walked to the cafe. We took the long way round to show the guys a bit of the estate. Of course, Nick and Ebony walked together, about 50m ahead, chatting away so Tyson and I ended up walking together.

"So... I hear you play the bass." Tyson said.
"Yep, I do. Thanks to Eb, she's the one that taught me. What about you?" I asked.
"Dido, I actually started playing because I lied to Nick that I could play bass."
"Haha, lol. Cheeky. Good thing you know now."
"You sing?"
"Yep, sure do."
"We should hear you as well, when we get back from lunch."
"Yeah, that'd be nice."
"Well, I was thinking. Would you like to go out sometime?"
"I would but I actually have a boyfriend."
"Oh." Tyson replied, sounding disappointed.
"But I think he's cheating on me." I quickly added in.
"Oh?" Tyson said, his mood lifting.
"Cuz he seems weird now, I don't think I love him anymore, and I don't think I ever did."
"Oh right, his name is Alistair."
"Well I think this Alistair dude is taking such a beautiful girl for granted. It's his bad luck that he's making the decision to cheat on you. I never would."
"And, why don't you go out with me anyway. Make him jealous."
"Nah, I think I should break up with him first. I've done some pretty sinful things before so I think I should have some more karma points."
"Haha, good thinking. We can still hang out, right?"
"Of course, why not? We can be friends for now, and get closer later." I winked at Tyson and he smiled back.
"Sure thing. That would be great."

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