Sunday, June 13, 2010

AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 12

I've made some changes to my fan fiction and I might even do it recorded, oh wait, that's a stupid idea, screw that and forget everything I just typed, although I am making some small changes so think about Glee in the intro because it's kind of like that, so yeah, TAKE THAT AUTUMN, yeah I should shut up, I'm not funny, what was I thinking? Nothing really. Sorry if that didn't make any sense, so yeah, here is number TWELVE!!


So let's recap, last episode :D or chapter :/
Anyway, the whole group went to Queensland for a gig but Tyson ditched Erin cause Danielle came back so Erin had this massive screaming fit. Damn. But then while Ebony, Nick and Erin were at some water-park, Alistair came!! Dun dun dun... So Erin went back to him despite Ebony's advice. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator. BOOM THAT'S ME! Now to the action, look below :)

Everyone was now back in Melbourne, but Queensland isn't like Cabo, what happens in Queensland does not stay there. Erin was still very torn up about Tyson's quick change of girl but was trying to enjoy her time with Alistair. It was actually working quite well, a lot better than it use to be but it obvious she missed Tyson. Tyson felt sorry for Erin but he knew eventually he would have to go home and Erin will be a distant memory, she was just a summer fling and it was now over, Tyson had a head start at rebuilding his relationship with Danielle.

Ebony and Nick both knew that their time was going to end soon, but for them, this was never a summer fling, the emotions were stronger and there was a connection between them that couldn't be found anywhere else. Unlike Tyson and Erin, Nick and Ebony were still together but they were both not wanting the holidays to end. But they knew it had to end sometime, but I guess there was still some time for a bit more drama in their lives. Hmm...

It was early in the afternoon, Alistair was meant to meet Erin at the park for a picnic, but coincidentally, so was Tyson and Danielle. Alistair was running late, and so was Danielle. I wonder what they were doing?

While Erin was off to the cafe to get some coffees for Alistair, she bumped into Tyson. Erin was struggling to keep a straight face, but she wanted to seem happy with Alistair, she wanted Tyson to know that she had moved on, and luckily for her, that's the exact message she got across.
"Hello, Tyson. How are you?"
"Oh hi Erin, I'm good thanks. What about you?"
"I'm very happy, I'm just getting some coffees for Alistair and I, we're having a picnic." Erin replied, beaming.
"Oh, okay. I hope you have fun." Tyson replied, disappointed. He didn't expect her to move on so fast and also he really did miss her but it was just a summer fling to him as well as her, and it will soon be in the back of their minds.

They had a casual conversation but soon realised that it lasted for 15minutes. They were both curious to see where Alistair and Danielle were. Tyson volunteered to walk Erin back, and might try and look for Danielle on the way, just in case she got lost. He called her too but she said she was "coming" but there was giggling in the background. Tyson disregarded it and kept going. While the two of them were strolling, Tyson accidentally got caught in some sticks and then branches as clumsy as he was, and soon he got caught in a bush and fell into a small clearing. Erin ran after him but suddenly stopped in her tracks. Tyson looked up and asked, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" He turned around to see Alistair and Danielle making out. "HEY!" Erin and Tyson yelled. Alistair and Danielle looked up with stunned looks on their faces.

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