Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AAR STORIES; Time Stands Still For Us: Episode 14

Okay, I'm not sure if this will be a short epi or long epi but my intro will be short, because I only have 15mins to write this, so be prepared, it could possibly be horrible. But sadly, this fan fiction is ending soon and I'm pretty sure this will be my second last epi. *Tear* I wonder what will be install for this group after. Dun dun dun. So yeah, I better hurry up and type FOURTEEN below.

Let's check out what happened in the last epi.
So... Tyson and Erin ran in on Alistair and Danielle hooking up. They were both uber angry and stormed off. Tyson wanted to patch things up with Erin but she needed a bit more than "I'm sorry." He proved her right and finally won her back at a party when Danielle was trying to get back with Tyson, but thankfully, he rejected her, WOOHOO, and defended Erin, causing Erin to forgive him and so they were back together for the last week. And that's what happened on AAR STORIES!
3rd Person, Omniscient Narrator

Wow, this has been such a roller-coaster ride. But this adventure is nearing to an end as the Nick and Tyson are leaving tomorrow. This is going to be extremely hard for Ebony and Nick. Let's have a look how their last date goes.

Just before the date, someone rings the doorbell of Ebony and Erin's house.
"Hello?" Ebony said, while opening the door. "Oh HEY Tom! How are you?"
"I'm great, thanks for asking." Tom replied.
"Uhh... What are you doing here?"
"Can't your best friend come around and hang out?"
"Sure, but not right now. I was just about to head out on my last date with Nick."
"Oh damn. But I have to tell you something before you go."
"I... I... I...Umm... I still love you, Ebony."
"Oh god. I love you too but not in that way."
"Don't you think you could change one day."
"Maybe, one day. I don't know. But I can't really deal with this right now. I'm sorry Tom. I'll talk to you later." And with that Tom left and Ebony closed the door, feeling really bad. But she had to forget this for now and enjoy the very small time she has left with Nick. The real love of her life.

It was an amazing date, it was just like a fairytale, and it ended exactly like the first one. The two of them sitting on a pier together, watching the sun set in a clear sky. The sky was filled with a beautiful mixture of blue, orange, red and pink. It was an amazing sight.

"I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow. I don't know how my life is going to be without me."
"Mhm, I don't want to go either. But I guess it had to happen sometime, and everything in life isn't like a fairytale, sometime we have to go back to reality."
"But why now? Why not in like a year?"
"I'm sorry Eb, but it's a non-refundable ticket. I wish I could but I'm sorry."
"Will I ever see you again?"
"I don't know. That's what worries me the most. I might never see you again."
"This is horrible, it's going to tear me apart."
"I know, me too. But tomorrow had to come some time."
"But it was just so short, only three weeks."
"I can't believe it too, and I'm sorry Eb. But there is something I want to tell you."
"You are the love of my life. My soul mate, but I guess the Gods made it this way and there is nothing we can do about it."
"Yeah, it sucks. You are mine too. You know, whatever happens, I will love you from the bottom of my heart, no matter who we end up with, I will always love you most."
"Me too. I'm so sorry."
"It's such a tragic ending to a wonderful fairytale."
"I know, but I guess all good things must come to an end."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

And with that last line, the sun set just below the horizon and Nick and Ebony kissed, and a shooting star burst through the sky. They both looked at, made a wish and smiled.

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