Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 3

Sorry about the long post, I was on camp. And also, this chap is gonna be pretty long.
Thanks to Amanda for helping me to think of a plot and helping me with ideas whilst on camp.


Ebony's POV

"Morning Erin." I said, as my best friend of 18 years walked into the kitchen.
"Wow, you're up early. Are you excited about your date with Nick?" She replied.
"It's not a date, we're just friends."
"Yeah right it's not a date."
"Fine, whatever, and I just woke up early because I wanted to do some song writing."
"When's Nick picking you up?"
"He's picking me up at 10am 'cuz we have to get to the city and everything. He even said he would wake up early for me."
"Naw, that's so sweet. He sounds like he must be lovely."
"Yes, he is." I stared out the window, daydreaming, but then considered Erin and continued,
"Erin, what are you doing today?"
"I'm hanging out with Alistair."
"Oooooo," I teased. "You love-birds. How's is going by the way?"
"Actually, it's not so good."
"What? Is everything okay?" I said, serious again.
"I don't feel the connection anymore and he seems blank, preoccupied. I don't love him, I never did, I only liked him cuz he's hot and so buff!"
"Erin, don't be shallow and don't worry, there are plenty of other fish in the sea."
"Yeah, true that."
"Well, I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

Nick's POV

Will she like me? Will she not? I hope she does. Should I have dressed more formal? Why am I so nervous? Why do I always think so much? If Tyson knew this I would get bullied 24/7 for being too feminine. I am so weird.

Ebony's house is so big. I walked up to the doorstep and I heard a guitar and a beautiful voice. Was it Ebony's? I pressed the doorbell and recognised Ebony's voice chime, "I'm coming." She opened the door and i gasped quietly.
"Hi. What's wrong?" She asked. She must've heard me gasp.
"Oh, nothing. You look beautiful."
She really did look beautiful, even if she was only wearing chucks, a singlet and shorts. Her silky brown hair flowed as she moved. She looked like an angel in casual clothes.
"Thanks," she replied, blushing. "You look very handsome."
I saw a blonde girl standing in the background silently clapping her hands happily. Ebony rolled her eyes and introduced the girl.
"This is my best friend, Erin." Ebony exclaimed.
"Hey Nick, pleased to meet you." Erin said, cheerfully.
"Hi." I replied.

This is the thing about Ebony, I don't know why but I feel the most comfortable around her, I can really be myself with her and I don't feel awkward. I can't help it. It's just the way I feel.
"So... Umm... I heard you singing and playing guitar, at least I think it was you." I said.
"Yep, it was." Ebony replied.
"You play beautifully and you have the most wonderful voice. I didn't recognise the song though. What was it?"
"It was All I Ever Wanted Was You."
"Well, I wrote it."
"Really? You write music?"
"Yep. Do you?"
"Yes, well that's great! Maybe sometime we could collaborate and share ideas?"
"Umm... Okay, sure."
"Does Erin play any instruments?"
"Well, before she didn't but then I taught her bass."
"That's awesome. Which instrument is your favourite?"
"Umm... That's a hard question. I'd have to saw the violin although it's harder to compose on the violin and sing and stuff so I also like the guitar. I quite enjoy piano as well but not as much as guitar."
"I've always liked the guitar. Which instrument did you start first?"
"Violin then guitar then piano. You?"
"Guitar again."

It was the best date I have ever been on. First we went to crown and had lunch at a gourmet pizza restaurant and Ebony showed me this chocolate shop which I loved. Then we went to Galactic Circus, the indoor gaming place. We played Laser Force which was so much fun, we played with some strangers. I owned everyone of course. After that Ebony took us to Docklands where we had a delectable seafood dinner. Then we sat on a pier and watched the sunset. It was so beautiful.
I leaned in and said to her, "This is the best date I have ever been on."
"Dido." She replied as we both leaned in kissed. I felt sparks. It was wonderful.
We talked all the way home. Ebony told us the long way home and we talked even more. It was the best. Once we reached her house. I gave her a quick kiss and as her hand left mine, I swear I saw shooting stars in the sky.

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