Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 4


this chap probably isn't that good because I didn't really have a chance to think of what to write and i had writer's block.


Tyson's POV

The sun shone through the blinds and woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes thinking, "What do I have to do today? Is it worth waking up now? What's the time? Rar, stuff this, I'm going back to sleep." when my alarm went off, making me realise it was the weekend and it was 10am. Might as well get up, there's no chance I'm getting back to sleep now. We had rented an apartment for this vacation, seeing we're here for a while. Nick was already up which was surprising since he came home pretty late last night.
"I'm surprised your up, Nickolas." I said, opening my eyes slightly.
"Yeah, well, I felt like watching a movie." That was unusual cuz normally he does his post-date routine. He'd do some meditating to clear his head then start writing cuz he always thought that his dates were absolutely disastrous. Obviously, this one was good.
"So... how was your date?"
"It was absolutely fantastic! It was the best date i have ever been on!! Ebony looked so beautiful, and she was so nice to talk to, I felt so comfortable around her..."
Yada yada yada yada, he kept going on and on about his date with Ebony while my mind sidetracked. I wonder if I'll meet some hot Aussie chick. Hmm... What's up with Danielle? Why am I thinking of Danielle? She's the one that dumped me for that jock Duncan and cheated on me before she broke up with me. She was never good for me. Grr, I hate that girl but damn, she was sexy."
"By the way, did you know that Ebony writes?" I heard while I zoned back into the conversation.
"I do now, that's awesome." I replied.
"And she taught her best friend, Erin to play bass."
"Wicked, is Erin hot?"
"But then again, how would you know? You were probably to busy staring at Ebony." I pushed him lightly and he replied with an annoyed look on his face but laughed it off.
"Anyway, she's free today, wanna go to her house and hear her play or share some music. You can see if Erin is hot or not cuz she's gonna be there as well."
"Haha, sure. What time?"
"We're having lunch at her place cuz she said there's a nice cafe on the other side of the lake and she said we can come whenever so whenever you're ready?"
"Woah, wait a second. She lives on a lake?"
"Yep, in an estate."
"She must be rich."
"I guess, although it's actually her grandma's old house."
"So... She still lives in an estate. Is it big?"
"Hell yeah! Anyway, hurry up and get ready." I trodged back to my room, wondering if this Erin girl would be a good summer love.

Erin's POV

The weather looks pretty nice today although Alistair doesn't seem so nice to me anymore. What the hell is going on with him? Everytime I talk to him it feels like I'm talking to a wall. Oh well, we'll probably break up anytime soon cuz if he doesnt, I will. Trying to block Alistair out of my head, I put on a dressing gown and walked downstairs to see if Ebony was up yet.
"Hey Eb. What are we doing today?" I asked my best friend.
"I thought you remembered, Nick and Tyson are coming over to share music and stuff. You said you'd stay as well." Ebony replied.
"Oh yeah, I remember now. They're having lunch with us at the cafe right?"
"Yep. "
"By the way, how was your date last night?"
"It was absolutely amazing!"
"But, what about your best guy friend Tom? You guys were getting pretty close before you met Nick."
"Yeah? What about him?"
"I figured you guys were gonna get together."
"Well, I dont think we are since I'm with Nick, obviously. Also, i just got a text from Nick, they're coming at around 11 so that gives you an hour to get dressed and everything."
"Kays. I see you're already dressed."
"Yes I am Erin, remember, I don't take five hours to get dressed like you."
"Ahh, yes. Well then, I better go use my one hour wisely, I'd like to look nice and hope to attract Nick's friend, Tyson."
"Wait, what? What about Alistair?"
"Alistair's a turd, i'm seriously getting sick of him now. I don't know what to do. If he doesn't break up with me, then I will."
"Aww, Erin. Are you okay with it all?"
"No but anyways, I think he's cheating on me."
"What? How do you know?"
"Well, I don't know for sure, but why else would be turn blah and boring?"
"I dont know, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation."
"Yeah, whatever."
"But don't use Tyson as your rebound dude."
"I wont, Eb. Dont fret. I'm not that mean, and plus, I haven't even met Tyson yet so how am I meant to know if it will work."
"Okay, fine. Hurry up and get ready or you're gonna waste your hour."
"Alright." I said as I walked up stairs, hoping that Tyson will like me and not be one of my many failed relationships. I guess I have to leave it to fate.

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