Monday, July 12, 2010

AAR Stories; Happy Endings, season 2 to TSSFU: Preview

Hello hello!
This is a special surprise I have made for you guys. SEASON 2!! This will be much shorter, it's sort of like an alternative ending I guess. PREVIEW TIME!


Tyson and Nick are back in Australia. Sadly, Ebony and Erin have lost contact with them some how, until now!
Happy Endings, follow up from Time Stands Still For Us, is the fan fiction that acts as a happier ending to the last one, but still with a couple of bumps on the way, of course. Because in this world, nothing is a fairytale.
Erin and Tyson went back to their usual lives after Tyson and Nick left, of course. To them, it was just a summer fling. But did Tyson want more? Was the feeling mutual with Erin as a new romance sparks with an old fire, Andrew.
As for Ebony and Nick, they both tried to stay loyal to each other but Ebony knew she would never see Nick again, did something start between her and Tom? But another man is introduced into her life, Jack. The irresistible bartender with a charming smile and knows how to make a girl fall heels over head for him. Now Ebony has three men to choose from, but who will she pick? Will it be the same with Nick and Ebony again? Will Tom step up or will Jack be the superstar? Will Nick end up going home again, sad and with a broken heart?
All will be revealed in this follow up season from Time Stands Still For Us,
Happy Endings!

Monday, July 5, 2010

AAR Fanfiction

To readers,
I have moved my blog to tumblr, you can visit it via:
Now this will be just a fanfiction blog. Sorry for any inconvenience that I have caused because of this.