Friday, June 11, 2010

Cute Cupcakes


Look at what I have found!! Don't you think they are just the CUTEST cupcakes in the world!! If I had one, I would probably never be able to eat it. But then I would take a pic and then chomp it down because it would be such a waste and it just smells and would probably taste like heaven. Cute stuff is just absolutely gorgeous!!

You know, when I was with in Queensland, and we were at the Gold Coast markets, we saw the cutest cupcakes EVERRRRR, in the flesh, but then they turned out to be soap. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!! But then we found these super cute badges, I will add images soon, and these YUMMY dehydrated fruits, they were like rollups but healthier. ;D

For more uber cute cupcakes check out these websites:

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