Friday, June 11, 2010

AAR; Time Stands Still For Us: Chapter 9 - N.W & E.T


I know this fanfic is meant to be surrounded around Nick and Ebony but I might as well add some Tyson and Erin. But the main story like is about Nick and Ebony. Sorry this chapter is taking ages to be put up, I'll try and do it more frequently because it's my holidays now.

I am also writing a story on the side, but it's not about a band, its just a story but I might post it. Ive only done one chapter though so it's coming slowly. I also wrote a story for school, so if i have time, i might post it. This blog basically has a lot of my writing on it.

Anyway, I shall be going to america in two weeks so i might not be able to get a chance to write, but i'll try.


Tyson's POV
It's a beautiful summer's day and what could be better than having a picnic in the sun with Erin. She is absolutely beautiful, her blonde hair blowing with the wind and mesmerising green eyes staring back at mine. I cant think of a more beautiful sight.

bing bing
Damn! who the heck would be texting me now? trying to ruin my beautiful day?
"It's okay, you can check it." Erin says, allowing me to pull out my phone.
*Reading in head*
"Hey babe, how are you doing my sexy thang? I just wanted to ask how beautiful Australia is. Anyway, be prepared because an unexpected surprise will be coming your way!! Love you, mwah. Dannii xoxo"
Erin looked at me, puzzled. I started to heat up and Erin pushed away.
"Are you okay?" She asked. I didnt answer, i was just so angry!! What is danielle trying to do? Make me go back to her? She dumped me!
"Seriously, Ty?" Erin persisted.
"Yeah yeah, im fine." I replied.
"No, you're not. Let me take a look at that." She took my phone before I could function what was going on. She read the text and stood up, in silence.
"What's going on Ty?" She asked, trying to stay calm. "Who is this Dannii? Is she your girlfriend?"
"No, she's not. She's just crazy." I replied.
"Was she your girlfriend? Was she? TELL ME THE TRUTH!" Erin asked, raising her voice. This really broke my heart, I just didnt know how to explain this to her without looking like i lied.
"Yes, she's my ex. Why should you care? You're cheating on your boyfriend."
"No I'm not, I broke up with him last night, and he seemed pretty fine about it anyway. Does she know that you're broken up?"
"Are you sure?"
"I made it pretty clear before I left. Anyway, she's the one that cheated on me."
"So, obviously she either realised she made a mistake or is a manipulative bitch."
"She hurt me pretty bad, I could never forgive her."
"Obviously you're still torn from the incident, she's the one that cheated on you, she's the one that hurt you. Of course you'd be heartbroken, and I cant change that."
"What? No, Erin!"
"Im sorry, but I cant be with someone who is still hurt from an old relationship."
"No, dont run back to Alistair, he's cheating on you too."
"I'm not running back, I'm being single."
"But Erin, I'm not hurt. I'm over her."
"No you're not, I know you still love her."
"Erin, listen to me. I dont love her, I thought I loved Danielle, but I never really did. What she did to me wasnt just cheating, she did other stuff that I could never forgive her for. The truth is, I love you."
"Wait... What?"
"I love you Erin, I have never met anyone more sincere, more beautiful, more fun, more kind. I love you, and you're the one i want to be with."
"Oh, gawd Tyson. You really know how to make a girl fall heels over head for you."
"I love you too."
I leaned in and we kissed. It was magical, and I realised that I was falling for her.

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