Monday, January 17, 2011

Young Sherlock Holmes Dark Cloud: Review

I recently read this book for holiday homework, and I thought the book was fantastic, so below will be the review I wrote on this book for school:

Young Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud
Andrew Lane

Young Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud, written by Andrew Lane, is a detective novel that depicts the famous detective as a teenage in the 1860s and how he was introduced into the world of mystery. Young Sherlock Holmes has discovered two dead bodies with his new friend Matty Arnatt, and so go on a wild, exciting and extremely dangerous adventure from the small town of Farnham the heart of the empire, London. Along with Matty, his tutor Amyus Crowe and his daughter Virginia, the team tries to investigate and put a stop to a terrible plot that will affect the entire empire in this book and Baron Maupertuis, the mastermind behind the whole plot.

In my opinion, the book is an excellent portrayal of Sherlock Holmes’ childhood and I don’t have any huge critical points in this book, although I do wish that Mrs Eglantine was more involved in the story, I was looking forward to seeing how she would influence the story and become a possible villain in the story. Mrs Eglantine is Sherlock’s uncle’s sinister housekeeper who Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holmes, actually warned him about. Other than that, I loved the book. It really grasped my attention and I thought the storyline was fantastic. I also liked how the story didn’t concentrate too much on Sherlock’s possible affection with his tutor’s daughter Virginia; Andrew Lane did a very good job at keeping the book on track.

Of course the book is not as much of a classic as the original books but it is still interesting, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to start slowly with Sherlock Holmes or just a short and simple detective story. I am also hoping to read the sequel to this book, because this first one has been really interesting and has given me a good background on possibly one of the most well-known detectives, Sherlock Holmes.

-I hope you liked it. Sorry about the huge 2 week hiatus, but I have tons of holiday homework and I still do, so posts will still be coming, but slowly.

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