Sunday, January 2, 2011

It’s 2011 Mates!

So guess what! Yes, it's all in the title, twenty eleven is upon us and to be honest, I don't feel any different or excited at all. Especially last night, at New Years Eve, I just felt lethargic, not even bothering to get excited, I was just chilling on Youtube, slowly getting through all the videos by my subscriptions that land slided me while I was in mainland China of blocked websites. Although, my emotions my change throughout this post, that has a tendency of happening. So right now I'm on the train to Guangzhou where I shall fly back home with superman. Well, I wish, but I am flying back home but in an aeroplane. BOORING, I know.

Did anyone realise that the date today is 1.1.11, haha, sorry I just thought that was cool and realised when I was writing the last entry for this trips travel journal. Although when I post this, it might be 2.1.11, but I wrote this on 1.1.11. And that was boring, just disregard that anecdote.

Got any resolutions for the upcoming year? Anything you're excited for?

Well now I feel different when I think about it. I'm not sure if it's the fact I'm on my laptop (typing makes me inspired), or if I'm on the train and I'm able to do the whole 'look out the window in a thinking face', which is used in movies and video clips, a bit too much now; but I actually feel kind of excited for some things that shall be happening in the upcoming, scared about the challenges that greet me with another year of existence on this complex planet, and the possibility of not knowing whether the new things I'm excited about trying could just be not that fantastic. That actually happens to me WAY too often, whenever I'm super excited about something, it turns bad and it works vice versa too.

First of all, I shall create my resolutions literally right now, while I'm typing this.

-Read more Okay this is just sad, in 2010 I was a super slow reader. Although, I often get mixed up with what I read in the first half of the year and what I read in 2009, because the first half of 2010 wasn't that great, although the second half was bloody awesome! And so, often I mistake them for two years, because the bad things just feel so long ago. I may have actually finished all of Matthew Reilly's books except for Hover Car Racer. Actually to think of it, in the first half, I read TONS, maybe it's because I wasn't that happy, so I needed another place to run away to (the books, not homeless). I'm trying to remember what I read. 4 Shane Schofield books, All Percy Jackson, Contest, Temple and Gone. Actually, other than my school books, I'm pretty sure they're all the books I read, and that is 12 books. Crap, that is nothing. I'm greatly ashamed with myself. So yeah, read more. Also, finally finish Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier which I started December 2009 and I have just been on and off reading so I hope to finish that these holidays.

-Continue to work hard in my studies My results in 2010 were very pleasing to me, and I would like to continue my study procedure this new year but try and work even harder, to the best of my ability.

-Exercise more During my off season, which is every season except for winter, I don't usually work really hard. Also, winter is my 'on' season, so to say, because I do the most work in regard to sports because that is hockey season. During the time I play tennis, I don't work as hard, but hockey is my favourite sport and I spend quite a lot of effort when I'm playing the game. Also, I ski in winter, which helps me become fit. And so, during December 2010, I started jogging round the lake at the estate I live in and I discovered that I was able to jog all the way round without stopping, which I found really surprising. Although, I participated in Relay for Life last year, which has been one of the motivations for jogging, and then I found I was able to jog 6 laps of a 400 metre track without stopping, I'm not sure if that's more or less than the length around the lake though. Also, it will be good for me during the off season when the weather is better for jogging than winter.

-Be a better person I think I'm a pretty alright person although I would like to be less intense on my weaknesses. I often speak without thinking and can be frustrated easily and I think that I have come on too strong and hurt some of my friends' feelings, so this year, I will slowly improve on this. I know it's not going to be easy, my instinct overthrows my heart ALOT of the time, and so I don't expect to be able to do this after a week, it will take quite a long time, slow pace and initiative but I will hope to be able to be a better friend and person.

-Contribute more to my school The school I go to has given me soooooo much, facilities, education, opportunities and smiles. So in 2011 and the rest of my schooling life, I hope to be as involved as I can handle to my school and the amazing teachers there who input knowledge into our brains, are amazing role models, like our parents, do what's best for us and help us achieve to the best of our abilities. I have started this a bit by joining some more clubs and taking the initiative to be involved in ways that interest me. So I am excited for some new experiences but also a little timid about being in a new environment out of my comfort zone.

-Play more violin To be honest, in 2010, violin hasn't exactly been at the top of my priority list, of course, I put my studies first, but usually violin is at the top, and technically is still is although I just didn't put as much effort into it as I would have liked in the previous year. I kind of lost a lot of my interest for it when I got a temporary teacher whom I wasn't too excited about, although, from that I actually played a bit more in home so that if I was in my lesson, and I wasn't playing to my best, it would still be better than if I didn't practise and it just made me over prepared. But I wasn't super excited about lessons, although, for the start of this year, my teacher finally figured out what kind of music I liked to play and we shall be starting that, which I'm looking forward to.

-Improve some of my friendships 2010 was quite a big year of change, and I am hoping that 2011, things shall be better, some of my friends whom we have been drifting away from each other during 2010, will hopefully come back together with my magic potion ;D. Jokes, but I do hope to get closer again, possibly during this summer.

-Be alright with my relationship status If you didn't know, I actually have never had a proper boyfriend, but majority of my friends have, and so it makes me sad to think that no one has ever wanted me , or wanted to make me feel special; that when a guy looks at everyone, he shall never chosen me, and it makes me sad. But hopefully, I will feel more comfortable about this and look at it from a positive point of view. I can spend more time to focus on my studies and etc, and just be happy with my awesome friends. ;D And just accept the fact that maybe it really is better to be friends with guys, because they do make pretty fantastic friends.

-Be more proactive I often think of doing things, and I am bursting with ideas, but I don't usually take the initiative to actually do it and end up saying "I can't be bothered" and go and do something else that is already set up or takes less effort. Some of the things I am going to try and do, mostly this summer, is makeover my room, start experimenting and practising with makeup, finally write more of my fan-fiction or instead write short stories that don't need to be done over an extended amount of time. And just in general more writing, reading, violin-ing, exercising, singing, dancing, smiling.

-Be happy I actually did have this resolution last year, and overall, I think I accomplished it. To be honest, 2010 may have been one of the happiest years of my life and I hope to continue to make 2011 just as happy.

Sorry this was SOOOOOOOOO long and huge, but I am sitting in the train so inspired, like I said before. So do you want to do a home project? You could creatively make some sort of New Year's resolution thing. Write, make a video, talk in the video or make it an animation, make a poster to stick on your wall or anything. I'd like to see. (:

Also, what would you like to see on this blog, specifically? Not just a category, because only one person replied to my readers ask post, and I know more than one person saw it. So yeah, just request? I don't bite, sometimes. ;P

Thank-you guys, all of you, for reading my blog in 2010, and hopefully this blog will continue to greet your eyes throughout 2011.

So long, and happy new 2011! xD

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