Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Possibility of a new blog?

What should I do?

I'm thinking of maybe doing another blog that is just beauty and fashion related. Should I make that a separate blog?

Or would it be better if I turned my fashion and beauty things into videos and then put them onto Youtube, but it would be quite hard not to show my face the whole time. I'm not a huge fan of putting my face totally out there sometimes. I mean, I sort of think Tumblr is fine, just not 24/7, but Youtube is a HUGE community where everything is seen by a larger amount of people, so I will probably make a new blog that is fashion and beauty dedicated, and will include maybe some Tags from Youtube put into worded form or video without my face. I'm not sure.

What do you guys think? Tumblr ask/msn/comment/facebook me. (:


hannah; said...

I think whatever you feel more comfortable with. Either way I'd be following/watching whatever you do :)

Tanya said...

I think you should do a seperate blog.

applecherriemango said...

youtube = more subscribers. for sure.

blogspot = cooler? haha.

or you could do both.
and see which one is better.
and then delete the one that isn't doing that well. :)

Amy said...

Thanks Tanya, I think I might actually, when I find the time.

And of course Cassie, although Youtube is pretty cool, but I think it's WAY more exposed. Blogspot all the way ;D Maybe I could put videos up on my blogspot?