Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thankyou tumblr :)

I love posting things that make my day, especially on tumblr, and now I have another message to show you guys, because the people on tumblr are bloody special.

An anonymous actually told me this:
Don't know if I've sent this to you yet, but...
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I swear I'm getting around to answering your message, but things are kinda hectic and there's quite a lot to say/answer.
But didn't want to wish you a good time late,so yeah. Wherever you are, hope you're having a great holiday, coz you're one of my special Tumblr friends! xD Damn that sounded mushy. Sorry. It's the Christmas spirit infecting my brain :D

Tumblr is not just a place where people post pretty pictures, it's a community, where total strangers are there for eachother and pull us up when we are down. Thankyou tumblr for letting me be a part of this amazing place for 2010.

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applecherriemango said...

im back on tumblr. :)