Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Birthday Post

I'M NOW 15! Wow, that looks weird. I'm not use to the number 15 yet, and I feel exactly the same way as I did last year when I turned 14, and I was just thinking "I DON'T WANNA BE 14, I WANNA STAY 13! Yeah, I think everyone goes through this (or maybe just me) every year.

Actually, I turned 15 on the 18th of January, except on that day and the day after (yesterday), I didn't get a chance to do my birthday post. Actually, I was thinking about what to put in this post a couple weeks ago, so I'm just going to go straight into it.

Okay, so for my birthday, before I decided to have a birthday party, one of my best friends, Hannah (who also has a blog here) gave me my birthday present early, and one of them was this book called 365 Reasons To Be Cheerful and everyday there is a story about some sort of unusual, funny and happy event in history on that day, and so I read it everyday and I love it sooooo much. Thank-you Hannah. Also, the story on my date of birth is about Captain Cook discovering Hawaii, and what a coincedence, I LOVE HAWAII FIVE O! So I thought that was an aawesome coincedence.

I will show you pictures of the story and book in my birthday present post. Also, I'm not sure which blog to put my birthday present post in, my beauty & fashion blog or this one, because my beauty & fashion post is kind of in the same concept as YouTube beauty gurus, because I wanted to do that but Mum wouldn't let me which is understandable; usually what beauty gurus do are hauls, room tours and stuff like this as well.

And what I actually did forget to tell you guys is that I have finally made a fashion and beauty blog, so all my future fashion posts will be there. If you think I should move all my old fashion posts there, I might do that. (: Anyway, the link is so if you want you can bookmark that. ;D

I am also thinking of doing a post about the story behind the names of my blogs and my tumblr, because many people have actually asked me, "Why is your name Jesse & Me?" And I never revealed it to anyone, but there were little hints here and there, but I don't think anyone got it, so I might do a post on it when I give in to the temptation and mystery. Honestly, I suck at being mysterious, but everything I do has a reason and a story, not just cuz it sounds nice. Tell me if you would like this?

Also, I didn't spend my birthday alone, doing homework. Actually this super hot construction worker came over and we played mariokart. ;P

JUST KIDDING, you would think, me, Amy, would do that? Although, I do think Hannah is a very good looking construction worker. ;) But she just came over and we hung out, and she helped me decorate my room. Want a room tour? This blog or beauty blog? Maybe? (:

So that's it, bye ;D


cassie min said...

haha sounds like a fun day! :D
happy birthday again ;P

mollyoxox said...

I know this is a late comment, but please do a room tour. I would love to see it. :D