Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There once was a girl who had a secret crush

She thought the guy was amazing.
She thought he was cool.
But he was three years older,
And she felt like it was against the rules.

She never told anyone,
Because she didn’t know what they’d think.
So she kept him her own little secret.
Her own little secret crush, that tickled her pink.

He was super cute,
And looked like a guy from AAR.
The resemblance was uncanny,
And he also played the guitar.

One day he smiled at her,
It made her feel surprised.
No one ever smiled at her.
She felt happy inside.

She wished one day she could meet him,
But she never got the courage to say hi,
Never got the chance to greet the one
That made her want to fly.

She even made up a fantasy
That one day he would meet her.
That he would like her out of all the girls,
And he would recall the first day he saw her

He liked her personality,
The way she laughed, the way she spoke.
He accepted her with flaws and all,
And loved the times when she made a lame joke.

His friends all thought she was great,
And they thought she was fun.
A witty girl, great for him
As well as never dumb.

They loved the random beats she made,
Even the music she liked.
They thought she was pretty cool too,
And When she found out she was psyched.

She wasn’t popular,
She thought no one ever thought she was cool,
So the way these guys acted
Made her more confident in school.

He loved her even though she thought different,
She thought he deserved better.
But to show how he really felt,
For her he wrote a letter.

He said it didn’t matter who was better,
He loved her for who she was,
Because fate brought them together
And he wanted them together just because.

This group became best friends.
Nothing else mattered whatsoever.
They all had endless moments of fun and love,
And both their love lasted forever.

-This is a true story.
(I just turned it into a bad poem.)

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