Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Endings, Chapter 2

Warning: Not good for people who can't stand cheesy love stuff.
Hello, this is chapter 2, written especially when I was away in Kakadu. Also written on my best-friend's birthday. 19th August, late happy birthday Amanda! Enjoy :D


First, let's recap.
Ebony had been dating Tom for a while and it got boring so she broke it off. And then she met this super cute guy called Jack at the bar during her first solo gig but then Nick and Tyson, visiting Australia again, caught them two making out.

Let's start.

Nick's POV

Tyson and I had come back to Australia. The last time was so successful musically and personally so maybe we might get lucky again.
We had come back for another gig. I tried to invite Eb but she wasn't answering her phone.
We were making our way to the rehearsal room and guess who we saw. Ebony making out with some random guy, it was full-on.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I mean I know I wanted her to move on but not that quickly. Two guys in two months, unbelievable. She already told me about Tom and I thought he might have been good for her, you know, to forget about me. But I guess Tom wasn't enough and now she needed some mystery guy.

Suddenly, Ebony caught sight of me and stopped kissing the guy.
"What's wrong?" The guy asked her. He turned around and saw Tyson and I.
"Uhh. Sorry, but we've booked this room." Tyson said, awkwardly.
"Don't worry about it Ty. We can just find another room." I added, angrily. I turned around quickly and walked away, Tyson following me with his head bowed.

"Wait! Nick!" I heard Ebony yell.
"Yes?" I asked, trying to pretend that nothing was wrong.
"It's not how it looks." She explained.
"It's exactly how it looks. Was Tom not good enough for you? Or are you cheating on Tom?"
"You know that's not me."
"Then what's going on?"
"His name's Jake. I just met him today, he's a bartender." She replied with a guilty look on her face.
"Uhh, yeah." She said, quietly.
"That definitely doesn't sound like you."
"You don't know anything."
"What are you talking about? You just said that I knew you. You sound like such a hypocrite. You seem to have changed tons. Are you really still the same girl I fell in love with a couple of months ago?"
"No! Nick, I didn't change."
"Then what are you doing with this random guy? And why are you changing your mind so much and acting so defensive? I thought you were with Tom. And how come you haven't been talking that much online and on the phone anymore? How could you act like this when you knew I was coming?"
"I'm incredibly sorry about everything. I feel terrible about it. I never meant to hurt you in any shape, way or form. I didn't intend on any of this happening. And I actually had no idea that you were coming."
"I called you so many times when I arrived. I wanted it to be a surprise."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I changed numbers. I needed a new plan for my phone."
"This is exactly what I though might have happened. Why haven't we been talking anymore? You know how I feel about you and I know how you feel about me. What's been going on?"
"Nick, I just couldn't do this anymore. It was like an attempted long distance relationship and then long distance friendship. It just started getting stupid."
"Stupid? Are you kidding me? I love you Ebony!"
"It just didn't feel right, doing things this way. And it was too hard for me to grasp the reality that you were gone and that I might not ever see you again. I'm deeply sorry."
"Look, I came back so we could maybe start again. All I want is to be with you."
"But the reality is that eventually you must go home and I must stay here."
"Then why can't we just do it once again?"
"Because I can't stand saying good-bye. It's too hard watching you leave and trying to repair myself. You know, I never really got over you. I never truly moved on."
"Then what was Jake? And Tom?"
"Jake was just a moment of weakness, an impulsive decision, and Tom was just there for me, when you weren't."
"I was there!"
"Not really, come on, be realistic, you never were, it never would've worked."
"But we can figure something out eventually. Right now, let's just go back to the way we were. To what matters the most."
"I don't know if I can do it Nick."

Ebony's POV

What am I doing? I love him so much. But I really should stay away. I can't bear him leaving again. It's just too hard for me.

"It's too hard Nick." I persisted.
"But I love you so much and I know you love me too." Nick pleaded. He made a slow step towards me and gave me a comforting hug.

All the feelings and emotions came rushing back. In my head, all the memories were replaying in my head: when we first met, our first date, playing music together, going to the Gold Coast, our last date and saying good-bye at the airport. It was all so amazing and I had some of the best times of my life. I don't know how I can not go back to him. I mean, it's Nick. It's always been him.

I've read somewhere that hugs can not only be between lovers, but between friends. They can sometimes show that someone is there for you and that you are comforted, and this was it. Him hugging me, me hugging him, just knowing that he was there for me was all I needed, the feeling was incredible.

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