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Happy Endings, Chapter 1

Hey my extremely small amount of readers,
Well, I don't know if you have realised yet but I have changed back to chapters and also I am extremely sorry that Chapter 1 is extremely late, that's because I wrote the preview near the end of the school holidays and then school started and I didn't have a lot of spare time, but today I had a big empty day of just hanging around, so I decided that I should type this. But I'm sorry, don't expect the next chapter to come any time soon. So yeah, just a little boring insight into my very boring, repetitive but busy life. Anyway, now for Chapter 1. And also, this is in 3rd person, omniscient point of view. And I shall start with a recap.

Happy Endings, Chapter 1

Just in case you missed the last season, Time Stands Still For Us, here's a little recap:
Well, basically Nick and Tyson arrive in Australia and meet two incredible chicks, Ebony and Erin. Erin and Tyson had a summer fling that included Tyson's jealous ex-girlfriend to fly all the way down to Oz and cause Tyson to cheat on Erin with her, Danielle. But Erin's ex, Alistair was actually seeing Danielle behind all the scheming. But in the end it was a successful summer fling.

On the more tearful side, Ebony and Nick met each other and instantly fell in love, they were love birds, soul mates. Tom, Ebony's guy best friend got in the way occasionally considering he also loved her, but she rejected him. Ebony and Nick found it really hard to leave each other but Nick had to go home. But just as Ebony left the airport, she got a call from Tom. DUN DUN DUN. Okay, I know it's not that intense but whatever.
Now let's start with the story.

It has been a couple of months already, Ebony seemed to move on from Nick and started dating Tom. Although, in her heart she missed Nick incredibly and could never love a guy more, but her head told her that she would never see him again and that she should move on, and that's what she tried to do.

Of course, Tom was more than happy, but Ebony was still very vulnerable. Even though Tom was ecstatic to have Ebony as a girlfriend, he was a horrible boyfriend. He never knew what to do, I mean, of course being a first time boyfriend, it was tough for him, but he didn't even have any common sense. Sometimes he would just be too much, he would even call her when he just left 5 minutes ago. It extremely annoyed Ebony so she told him to back off (in a nice way). And then he just wouldn't talk to her for a week. He was surprisingly stubborn for such an intellectual guy and sometimes was just plain-right stupid.

During this "off-week," Ebony had gone to play a solo gig, it never felt right on her own anymore, without Nick and Tyson but she needed some extra cash, and she still wanted to play. While she was grabbing a drink by the bar, after her show, she met someone new.

"Hey, you're brilliant." Said the mysterious and sexy bartender.
"Thanks. You're good at serving drinks." Ebony replied.
"Haha, you're a cute little one." The man replied, with a cute smile.
"Thanks." Ebony thanked, giving herself a little giggle.
"Well anyway, I'm Jack."
"Hi Jack, I'm Ebony."
"That's an amazing name."
"Really? You know it just mean's black."
"But black is mysterious, it's classy, sophisticated and sexy."
"That's a good way of looking at it."
"I know I said this already, you really are an amazing musician. You voice just blows me away. Did you write that yourself."
"Wow, well, it's terrific."
"Thank-you very much."
"I was wondering, would you like to hang out after my shift, it's over in about 10 minutes. And you could show me some tricks or play me something."
"Sure, there's a pretty good hangout spot backstage, and I could show some tricks with the tech stuff, and you could help me set out in the future." Ebony replied, beaming.

She wasn't sure why she was so agreeing, but it was just impulsive. He could have seemed like a bit of a creep to the usual person, but any girl that met him and his compliments as well as his brooding exterior, sexy face and body, would be weak at the knees and lose all common sense instantly.

While backstage, Ebony and Jack were having a great time in a rehearsal room, he didn't seem to be much of a creep after all, just really into Ebony and thought she was fantastic. Bonus for her, he was just absolutely amazing. They were going great, getting to know each other well, everything was clicking perfectly, Ebony couldn't have asked for a better night (except with Nick, but he was almost forgotten).

Ebony also was trying to teach Jack some guitar, she was holding the guitar with Jack embracing her but also trying to play the guitar. She was holding his hands, teaching him to strum. She felt the heat and so did he. She looked up as he looked down, they froze holding their hands on the front of the guitar, and then they leaned in for a kiss. Jack took the guitar away and leaned it against the wall. They turned around and started kissing passionately, it became intense. His hands were wrapped around her waist, and her's were playing with his hair.

All of a sudden, the door opened as two guys stood their with extremely surprised looks on their faces. Ebony and Jack looked up, with faces that looked like they were just caught in the act, like a thief caught with his hands in the till. And then Ebony realised who was standing in the door way and a wave of guilt swept over her face. It was Nick and Tyson.

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