Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 20

Day 20 – An embarrassing moment

There have been tons of things that have happened to me that are embarrassing including tripping 3 times in one hall and etc. But the worst one was probably in year one. Our class was making pancakes for pancake day, and so the teacher let everyone have a chance to shake the mix. A boy called Christian was shaking it before me, and as soon as he handed me the mix, the mix exploded all over me!! I was soaked in pancake mix. I had to wear lost property clothes that day. That memory has never been forgotten and every pancake day for all the following years, one of my best friends remind me of it. I will never forget ;D

I know I accidentally skipped day 18, but I can't be bothered doing that one because I don't remember who I last saw cry in real life, although I did see a lot of people on Glee cry so yeah.

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