Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 19

Day 19 – A movie review

Okay, first of all I am incredibly and terribly sorry for this extremely delayed post. I've just been really busy with school and all that shiz that comes with being a busy student.

Anyway, I shall do my movie review on Bubble Boy. Now I know my friends are probably going to groan about the fact that I talk about this movie so much but yeah. I'm going to attempt to properly review it.

Bubble Boy

I thought this movie was extremely funny, cute and adorable. Jake Gyllenhaal portrays an adolescent boy called Jimmy Livingston who is born without immunities (a single germ could kill him) and so he goes on a wild and hilarious adventure to Niagra Falls to tell a girl that he loves her. He meets different walks of life throughout the adventure while his overprotective mother and very silent father chase after him.

This movie is just so cute and funny. I love it so much. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jimmy perfectly and acts very ecstatic a lot throughout the movie (of course it is his first time out in the world) and his cheeky smile makes this movie an absolute favourite.

I must say I do love the fact they put in Boti Bliss, a recurring character from CSI: Miami, although she plays a very small part in this movie.

Jimmy's adventure and first ever time of leaving his home includes hilarious events including his first erection LOL, his first learning of the word 'bitch', a little asian woman called Poonani, (I'm not sure if anyone else knows what it means in Italian, but I'm not saying here), his lame attempt at stealing, a really really happy singing group/cult, a meeting with a big bunch of crazy asians giving away 500 dollars and much more.

I also love the portrayal of the character Slim who I recognised from Spy Kids and also Dr Phrek played by Verne Troyer also known as Mini Me on some of the Austin Powers movies, and there is a little reference to those movies in Bubble Boy.

In my opinion, this movie is just extremely hilarious and especially for me, adorable because of the ignorant and cute Jimmy. This is for sure one of my all time favourite movies, I would definitely recommend this movie (well I already have to tons of my friends, haha) and I rate it 10/10!

-And that was my stupid attempt at writing a movie review.

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