Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awkward Love Triangle Discussion

Okay, now bringing in the entertainment side of this blog. Today I'm going to discuss the love triangle in a new tv show that I'm hooked on. It's not new, but new for me. Anyway, I didn't address everything in this love triangle, this is just my summary, well a very big summary. Let's just call this the first post about this love triangle.

Okay awkward is awesome, just gotta get that through first as I've never discussed the show before.

And, there are spoilers! So if you don't want me to ruin the show for you, then stop reading.

Anyway, first off, I have to say that I'm not sure whether I'm team jake or team Matt. Personally, if I wasn't exactly in Jenna's situation, I'd absolutely love Jake. I basically feel that Jake is who Jenna follows with her head, and Matt with her heart, which is pretty much what she herself said anyway. I do think that her and Matt have more chemistry, but Jake is just so good for her and makes her so happy, but I don't think she's as passionate with Jake.

But if I was in Jenna's situation, having had all the history with Matt, it really is an extremely difficult choice. How can she know that Matt will change and be better? What if she develops intense feelings for Jake? In my opinion, Jake is the better guy, but Matt is the guy she really loves.

Then sparks the question I like to ask in many relationship debacles, as sparked by This Means Was and What's Your Number, don't pick the better guy, but which guy makes you the better girl? And in response to this question in Jenna's case, I'm not sure. The series doesn't really touch on how each guy effects Jenna's general personality, just her feelings. Of course, Matt made her sadder, but it was also more worth it, 'love' wise. And I don't think responses to being in a relationship are exactly the same as being a certain person with individual attributes. Sure the way that you respond is a reflection of your personality, but now I'm just heading on a tangent, that is a discussion for another day.

Back to my kind of original point, if I was smack bang in Jenna's situation, but I had my head, I'd choose Jake, but if I was actually Jenna, I think she would do what she's doing now, she knows that Jake is the better guy and she's trying to do what she thinks is the right thing but she just can't yet extinguish how she feels for Matt.

But then raises the question, is what she doing really right? Now this is up for personal moral debate, but by delaying and in some way, 'faking' how she feels for Jake, is that just hurting him more in the long run? I think this whole ploy is pretty much delaying the inevitable for Jenna, when she has to choose.

I think she may actually choose Matt, more that I think about it. I think everything that she has with Matt is so much more worthwhile, but it's also about if Matt can step up to the plate and do what he wants to, no longer care what other people think. And now Jenna isn't even that unpopular, why is he freaking out?

And that thing with Sadie was stupid, just sayin. Although I do feel a bit for Sadie cuz I know exactly how that feels, I'm just not as open and bitchy about it, because I don't think that the guy needs more stress, I'll let him know when the times right.

I also have to point out that I don't think Matt and Jenna are treating Jake that well, we know that they don't want to hurt him, but Jake is a man of truth and he openly expresses that, so shouldn't they just do what Jake wants? And if he's hurt by it, just think that it's better than if he found out some other way, secrets always get out.

That's my opinion for now on the whole Awkward Love Triangle for now. Later we can discuss the other issues hahaha.

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