Sunday, August 12, 2012

No July Random Favourites - Sorry!

I apologise profusely but I won't be able to post the July Random Favourites, and purely out of lack of time and laziness. I know that is a terrible excuse but I have been mega busy lately as term 3 is the busiest term on the year.

We have revision for exams and I'm also in the band for a huge production that all three campuses of our school do for the younger kids in Middle School and Junior School. It's made me constantly have to catch up on work because I'm missing class for rehearsals and there are 6 (two of each) performances that go really late and about 15 songs per campus so there's A LOOOOOT of music for us to practise and rehearse.

I also was pretty lazy to do the full favourites, I did film a 'chit chat' video but I felt that it wasn't very good and I don't have time to edit. Also, my beauty/fashion blog is my first priority when it comes to these two blogs and I really want to focus on that one mainly. I just post here if I have some spare time or there is something majorly interesting to talk about.

Again, I apologise for all of this and I hope no one was eagerly waiting for them (I don't think anyone really was anyway).


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