Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gabriella Cilmi

Gariella Cilmi is a newcomer to the music business and has already become very popular! With her hit single 'Sweet About Me' this 16year old Melbourne gal has shooted to the top of the charts! But don't forget her album 'Lessons to be Learned'. With the voice cords of some say Amy Winehouse, Gabriella is still a good girl and is still trying to live her life as a normal teenager despite the reports of some people suggesting that she will turn out like Amy but I think that the sound of her voice has almost no effect on her personality and how she will turn out in the future.
Gabriella is currently living in London, England and is loving her life. She says that her passions are music, her friends and family and chocolate. She has told Channel 7 reporter, James Toban, that she has a favourite cafe with the best hot chocolate in the entire world. She says that the hot chocolate there is amazing and very rich. Whenever she gets a chance she will be endulging herself in the rich aromas of hot chocolate.

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