Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Challenge 1

Okay, the first challenge, even though I know not many people even read the first one but anyway.

My first challenge for this is for yourself, because first you've got to be happy with yourself, but it's to dance! Now I know TONS of people out there are not huge fans of dancing, but just go into your room or somewhere if you wanna have some privacy and put on your favourite song. It doesn't have to be some huge dance song that people play at parties, it could be whatever you want. Rock, screamo or even classical. Just move your feet to the music for at least 5 minutes. You could even just jump up and down, it doesn't matter.

But before you do this, you must remember that it is not stupid and no one cares (if you do it in privacy of course) and then once you're past that, trust me, you will have fun!

If you want to tell me you did it, sure thanks.
But if you wanna keep it quiet then that's fine, just be happy :D

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